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Hello fellas!
I woke up very late this morning, logged in and eventually got something to share with y'all.
I've lived a year and a half of being a model, and during those periods, I've met and discovered interest in photography.
It is expected as a model that you always take shoots for contract purposes.
Here, let me show you want i meant IMG-20170520-WA0003.jpgIMG-20170402-WA0038.jpg

In the first photo where I'm standing, it was shot by #ClearancePhotography in 2017
and the second image where I'm squatting was shot by #WinpersiaPhotography, see logo in down right corner.
Now my inspiration behind this article is attributed to this photo

Great, i can boldly add that photography is the back bone of this very Media
That is to say that an article seems irrelevant on here without images
quite apart from the relevance of it, I'll please like to direct all viewers to check on some reasons why photography matters on the following link

I've loved photography a lot, so much that I've eventually developed interest in it.
And I'm sure at the right time that I'm gonna satisfy my Interest with a camera someday.
Sure! that obviously meant I'm gonna get a camera, learn all the necessary processes involved and then, I'll capture moments

Thanks for Reading.....Peace out!

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