feels good, so expansive 🐦

where are u wallpaper?¿ above the clouds or here around? heheheh ;) enjoy your weekend!! :D

Here & around, haha. In between the earth & sky! Hope you had a good one 🤪

Hahah 😊😊 that's cause you are a little bird!! 🐦 Heheh 😃

Thats class. Was it you flying ? sorry for lack of upvote. Im on the upvote comedown. It's a cold dark place and theres a guy at the end of the bed blowing sand in my face!

Haha!! No worries about the upvotes. All good here :) thanks tho !! Yeah that’s me flying Mary haha ... in la Cote d’azure for some holidays.. hope all good on ur side!👌