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Sup steemit party people! Hope you are having a nice weekend. I saw something like this from @onealfa and thought it was interesting. So let's have some fun. Tell me what this is in the pic and I'll send you 1 SBD, if you're first.

IMG_0999 (2).jpg

I also noticed 2 other outstanding prizes waiting to be won. See the following....




Bitcoin welcome.




a razor?

Good Job Bud! Technically it is a rusty razor but you win. The trick with these close ups is to use that flower on your camera called macro. As always, hold the shoot button halfway to focus and all the way to shoot when ready. Try not to shake the camera going from focus to shoot. Have a great day!





I think it's a sword....😎😎😎

Side view of an Anvil (blacksmithing)

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
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