@world-travel-pro I definitely want to. I'm hoping to squeeze in at least one or two trips before Steemfest3 in Poland.

I love how we both have travel in common. You are one cool Gringa. Looking forward to FINALLY meeting you at steemfest. Lucky for me it's only a 40 dollar flight from Kiev Ukraine to Krakow, So I'll be staying here until then....but I too have at least one more trip before then.....already have my ticket for a week in Ankara, the capital of Turkey! Going for my birthday September 17th....going to be 36! How time flies! Will also be visiting this a cute small town an hour from Ankara where they having caves, hiking, and more. only $120 USD round trip from here in Keiv, with a plummeting currency there, and having USD...everything is on sale in a big way. Travel Pro, pay less get more ;) Hope you and your family are doing well. As always, I send my best.

@world-travel-pro That's awesome that you've figured out how to travel smart and I hope you have the best birthday celebration. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and I can't wait to see you at steemfest3. 😀

Thanks Gringa! You're the best! :)