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RE: In COSTA RICA now... bitcoin is not going away because it is not a currency (bankers) it is an audit trail (trust) that can hold share certificaties digitally.

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So good to see bitcoin bouncing back...And many applause to you @greenman and those who kept believing in it ....
Bitcoin futures soon reduce the volatility in price...
Imagine a day when you could book a whole tour using your bitcoins( all airlines, travel agents and hotels)...
We are in the middle of a revolution and who don't adopt will diminish quickly !

I loved this photo, it seems that the man is coming out just to tap you..
I am self upvoting this comments to avoid being buried by spams....I will also be looking for spams to help you sort them out.


I paid with bitcoin for hotels via on my travels.

Does accepts btc???Pardon my ignorance in this matter.

Yes for hotels. accepts Bitcoin for flights ....

Its indeed so awesome to see all the btc acceptance cases...

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