Blessed Samhain! Happy Halloween : A "Night" to "Remember"

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Blessed Samhain! Happy Halloween

I want to wish everyone Blessed Samhain, Día de todos los Santos, Día de los Muertos, All Hallows Eve...

but you know moths fly to light when they're blind in delight.

The veil is thin

For me it's a day to remember the ones I still love but are gone...

to light a candle to guide them for a second from our heart to our lips

while we remember and utter loudly their names

and then back into our soul were their memory is treasured

a spark that in nights like this one can flicker in that flame

For I believe true love knows nothing of life, death or time


So just remember

May you gather once more

if only for a night

Did you like our Halloween Special that we shared some days ago? Still interested in your feedback about it. Thanks every one for the massive support on that post. If you missed it go here:

By the way this photographies were not shared and it's the first time they see the light, but they belong to the making of my videoclip "Haunted" that was my Halloween special last year.

Photos by me and @hedac taken in Ordesa Natural Park
(We returned under the stars that day)

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator


Me encantan las fotos! Feliz día de todos los Santos bonita. Saludos para los dos 🤗🤗

Gracias bellísima, a ver cuando venis por estas tierras :) Vais a ir a Steemfest, nosotros no, no podemos permitírnoslo :) Pues justo hace unos días compartí un especial de Halloween y he escondido las tres ratitas en él hahah XD aún está el desafío para quién las encuentre.
Como estáis los tres :) Hoy aquí tranquilita, el plan es producir, ordenar y visitar a una amiga, día de reflexión tranquilo.

No, este año Steemfest está demasido lejos y no es una opción para Juka. Nosotros estamos ahora atravesando Italia dirección España, quizás tengamos tiempo de haceros una visita exprés. Te envío un mensaje si es así 🙂

He estado buscando a las ratitas pero solo encuentro una 😄. Lo intentaré más tarde desde el ordenador.

Los días de reflexión son fundamentales. Disfrutalo! 😘🤗

hahaha sí, hay tres, en pantalla completa es más grande. Tienes mi wassap? creo que te lo dejé pero no recuerdo, si eso mandame un discord. :*

What a fabulous tribute to a wonderfully sacred and spooky night. Blessings, my friend!

Thank you, did you see "fufunchis" all three of them are hidden like "easter eggs" in the video, it's the actual fx in it, because as you know they're now ratty ghosts :) . This one was strange, I recorded the music barely in a couple of days, lyrics almost a freewrite a couple of weeks ago :)

edit: I meant the previous post video XD thought it was on the other thread :)

I prefer to think eerie :), romantically spectral maybe, :) I hadn't edited many of the pictures from that day, it was lovely to stay up until it got so dark. back in the car we turned our flashlights off and saw the night blanket of stars

Ok maybe. haha. Too scared to tell the difference haha.
Wow that must have been amazing. I only see stars when I go somewhere with less light pollution sadly


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