Remember YOU ARE MAGIC: Evergreen in Winter Photoshoot and some motivational self thoughts!

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It's been a while, though I have some posts coming soon... As always progressing slowly on several fronts... but slowly is not halted :) which is fine :) Sorry they take a while and I've been taking a break to rest... I still need it. My start of the year was all full of resolutions but some health and life issues still need attending plus switching from one computer to another (I never thought it was going to be a thing I would take time to adapt but I may be getting old hahah). Anyway... The winds of change are blowing strong... and they may sweep away things, crumble down things too... but maybe things that are need to be tumbled down to rebuild.

Green Cloak Priscilla Hernandez Yidneth  (4).jpe

On your feet
traveler you're almost there
Find your dream again

It is complicated to explain publicly but on the mend and encouraged, but need to regain endurance. So these are all from the 29th wearing green because what is more hopeful than Evergreen in bare Winter? So here some GREEN pictures in the NAKED dark season.
Because Hope is a precious treasure. Branches are bare but Spring will come
There is always a time to Grow just like I wrote in my song

Go on, Go on... traveler


I often forget too so I need this self reminder
Power of will is the strongest against all odds
The most powerful spell

Though I have not been so much outdoors as I'm used to (and love to) all of these is a series from a hike last 29th of December :). I was gifted this wand made by Ravenwood Inspired, it's a custom made and I've been taking pictures, it may sound silly but jumping in the hills with a wand in hand makes you really feel you can change things... kind of a "fairy godmother upgrade"
Green Cloak Priscilla Hernandez Yidneth  (1).jpe

There will be always things that cannot change, or that you must accept... but the way you overcome your struggles also defines who you are... it's also an "empowering" thing.

Green Cloak Priscilla Hernandez Yidneth  (2).jpe

Wishing all health and happiness
and nope, I'm not gone! expect more things from me... I never know between posts but at least more often :) (I'll try, it's never a promise but an intention)

One thing I'm learning is not to be too harsh with my expectations, just DO WHAT YOU CAN when you can, :)

Forward, one step at a time
But be ready to embrace what comes to you.

One motivational thing I found out to keep going

Besides all the support I've always got from my partner and my friends, I somehow have faltered myself a few times... I have been so so so tired... and then it felt time flew by and I was way behind my goals... Then I decided to wrote down everything I could manage during the day... sleeping more than 4 hours (success), walking a reasonable number of steps, work on my music, do a sketch, edit a bit of video, ship parcels or reply emails, do a little bit of promotion, write this article? Even when If I was punishing myself for not doing ENOUGH I turned it into "Girl, you're facing a storm and you're doing ALL THIS"

And that was a change... a change within... kind of a glow


Luke: All right, I'll give it a try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

I disagree though... TRYING is a victory itself.
Set "reasonable" goals
It's ok to have to retry... if you have the spark to do it, you're still on your way

That life is not passing me by and I'm trying the best I can (atm)

Thanks always for reading...

isn't that itself some kind of MAGIC?

Hope you miss me when I'm gone though ;-)

Sneak Peak of "Over the Clouds II" another of my "Incantations"

And here a SNEAK PEAK of a video in the making (won't be the one I'm about to share but the one after) But sharing this shot because it was last Xmas day and the sea of clouds had formed again. Magically this happens rarely but always on Christmas :) so I filmed a follow up of my "incantations", these candid Celtic songs I record with my Wizard hat through the seasons. This just as preview :) of what's to come!

And please if you have a second leave a comment and feedback... I keep coming because of it, it's what matters the most to me :)

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Same, same though I have opened a tik tok... still mixed feelings about it... but wanted to claim my username
Just for some candid superquick videos, still not sure but if someone uses it feel free to add me

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You are always so magical ! Happy come back beautiful lady !

Thank you, I had seen your cute snail friend earlier on :), have a beautiful day to you too

I so needed this, my friend. I've been feeling a need to hibernate and my body has told me in several ways to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N! Which isn't easy. BUT even a little forward movement counts. I find I often expect to get everything done NOW, but realize that just keeping at things is still progress.

And... very exciting... I got a digital piano! I've been wanting a keyboard for years, and finally went out and bought a Yamaha. Now I just have to learn how to play. lol! I can do some by ear, but building skills from the beginning takes patience and practice. Again, little by little, I keep telling myself I'll get better if I just don't give up.

Sending much love to you and yours.

Hi Katrina, yes, that precisely... I have to learn not to get frustrated with my over-expectations of what I can do... and set reasonable goals, and continue on my path of healing with its ups and downs. Still needs to fix. A digital piano? how exciting, I'm self taught... first learn chords to sing alone with a drone or string sound and for learning I think (many years ago but I guess it might be still up) I remember a guy or channel called "Lypur" it was more oriented into teaching music theory but I think it was also a piano learning tutorial (like the first two years of conservatory for free or so) anyway youtube you have all you may need to get started. Have fun!

Magical stuff @yidneth, stunning visuals as usual.

One thing I'm learning is not to be too harsh with my expectations, just DO WHAT YOU CAN when you can, :)

This is key. Take your time.

Always awesome to see a post from you.

Thank you, I have another coming... then I never know how long I take... XD but good to know they're appreciated when I do.

Lovely photos, and good to see you back posting again!

@tipu curate

I never really go just post sometimes sloowwwwly (snail speed) but really I've not really updated my blog which is on my list this week too, just taking things at the pace I can. Things on the way though

Slow is good. Quality not quantity is what I appreciate!

I'll look forward to it your new stuff, no rush though obviously.

Cheers @yidneth!

Thank you, I actually may share a post later today or tomorrow as I have one little video ready... been setting up again my studio light to do simpler things at home maybe more often (live) but thanks for appreciating... I still have to deal so many things that I'm just grateful I keep going and I'm willing to go on creating. I never make promises of how often, sometimes it's a week, sometimes a lot together, then I seem to be radio silent and everybody welcomes be mack (wee!) and I always say the same, I'm still around hahaha :)

I got the TikTok account too
Also just hanging on to it 🙃

Prancing around with a wand sounds like fun
I am going to have to try it someday

yes, well I'm not really into Harry Potter (because I prefer books of magic) but yes it feels like a "fairy godmother vibe to me" it was made with love by a friend so it's special :)

By the way did you make a first impression on tik tok, my first impression is what the hell am I doing here_ LOL guess it needs some training but jesus! not sure if I am cut for it. I am the same user there

No I haven't...
What's popular on TikTok just isn't something I would do
But apparently there are other ways to use it...just haven't quite figured it out yet haha
I will go look for you :D

Neither do I.... I have "tested" that everytime I share something serious or music it's like "shadowbanned" then I posted an unrelated thing and went well, but I heard of other artists having their accounts zombified because tik tok detects they use snippets of "official videos or music" and algorithm don't consider them legit or something. I don't know, so far everytime I post music is like RADIO SILENT even from my own few followers there. No, dear tik tok, I'm not posting me doing silly things, once in a while a candid silly thing if it's true and real, not this staged whatever... I've found there talents also with zero views and bratty teenagers doing silly things with thousands, first impression is ok, I'm there so people can know they can look for my name "Priscilla Hernandez" on library of sounds and use my songs as soundtracks of their stories (though still I have to contact cos my most recent albums are missing and there are only my older songs there)

I'm same user, it's easy, same user on ig, youtube, steemit, twitter :) Priscilla Hernandez officially on itunes and spotify

In the last couple of days I have seen the likes of Alicia Keys and Jimmy Fallon on Tik Tok....looks like everybody is jumping in on the latest craze

I have followed you and you are right... they have yet to show me one of your stuff...

Thank you for sharing with me what you have discovered so far...
Making me just want to be a bystander even more haha

This is a nice magic photography
My greetings yidneth

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thank you, I feel my best when in Nature :) all is magic around me then

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