Winter really sucks, but at least it's pretty! ❄️

in #photography4 years ago


A photo I took a little bit outside where I live (Northpole). No filters, no editing.

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play

Amazing that this is without an edit. Winter can definitely be beautiful depending on where you’re at.

Yea, it's really nice, but also very cold!
Imma see if I can get some more pics now that the sun came back again :D

How can you claim it's very cold, there is even no ice on the sea! :-)

It has been cold here in Oslo for some days now, there is some sea ice at some places. I was considering taking a photo or video as I was slowly plowing through some of it ...

You're not living far enough north when there is sunshine before spring solstice :-)

Where exactly is this shot taken?

@tobixen this is taken in Oldervik, about half an hour outside Tromsø. Pretty sure the sunshine is nature's attempt to photoshop my perception, because I sure can't feel it :p

@tobixen I think it's time to leave if we see ice in the waters, considering we have the gulf stream running past us :)

@snrm Yea it's really pretty, but that's not your main concern when you're shoveling snow before driving to work in the morning :)

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