Blossom Shooting in the Park and the Stolen Statue

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

park by @zorang - edit2.jpg

Blossom in the park!

I was at a pool at nearby town while I'm waiting for the weather to warms sea. Near the city, the pool is an awesome garden in the park. I took few shots just to fill my hungry and empty SD cards :)

Stolen Statue

lady statue by @zorang.jpg

This beautiful statue was stolen last month. Thieves planned to cut it and sell it to iron. Fortunately, the police found guys who did that and restore the statue. The garden now has a camera supervision near the statue, watching the statue and the garden.
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What is park hiding?

I shoot some colorful flowers in the park and some pine detail with my Nikon d7100 and 35mm f1.8 lens. It was sunny and bright so I put ISO on 100. Also, I edited photos with Lightroom, just a touch :) Check it out.

pine details by @zorang.jpg

some cool flowers2  by @zorang.jpg

flowers_two_pics 22  by @zorang.jpg

pirple flower by @zorang.jpg

yelow flowers by @zorang.jpg

some colorful flowers by @zorang.jpg

bee and flowers by @zorang.jpg

park by @zorang - Copy.jpg

I hope you like my flower session.

Until next time, Rock on!


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beautiful shots, i like the dark/dull filter you use! it gives the flowers a kinf of 'before the rain' look :)

Thank you @ankapolo! I didn't use filters, I clip dark in the Photoshop, just a little bit of editing.

very impressive :) in today world i think i view Photoshop as a filter too :D

I thought you were talking about presets :D

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