if you want to play with modifications get Helios 44 (44-2 and 44-4 are i think the easiest to mod). and it is super cheap.
Took a quick look but i am not sure what camera do you use, so be aware that Nikon cameras have a problem with infinite focus on m42 mounts.


I use a Canon 60D. Do you know what sort of mods people do. I did read somewhere about reversing the front element.

i seen some crazy things, but with my knowledge i only did reversing the front element (i think that this photo was done with that mode). I do want to try reversing the back element as it does not look that hard but i still did not try it.
And for your 60d you just get an adapter for the m42 mount and you are good to go. it is fun lens but i bit hard to focus.

The modification is really easy, I have just flipped over the front lens. But in this case, the effect is not from the lens, but from an app I use on my iPad. If you want I can tell you more on DM on Discord. ;)

I've DM'd you on Discord :) Thanks for the offer of more information :)