Best of the best weekend wrap up #2

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What's up guys! As we've said a week before, on every Monday we'll do a round-up of the best images that we had the pleasure to curate over the weekend.

  • we manually curate each and every photo;
  • you can expect up to 5 resteems a day;
  • the best of the best, la creme de la creme will be featured in a daily round-up post;
  • the daily post reward in SBD will be split 50-50 with the authors of the images;

An amazing sunrise seascape by @photovisions


This amazing composition by sasisthemotive


A beautiful self portrait by @aidaboldeanu


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Resteemed by @photoworld! Good Luck!
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Hi .. your posts are very good, and I learn a lot in every post that I follow. whether it is a photo or writing
Thank you for accepting me as your friend. I am very happy ..And this
an honor for me if you visit my blog..
By, @imranpase

Great photos!

Good shots, my favorite is the sunset. It deserves a reesteem :)

Three spectacular photos! Resteemed with pleasure!

These are really great images!