Best of the best wrap up #36

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What's up guys! Today we had a hint of Spring and the sunny weather made us feel a bit nostalgic, so we searched far and wide for some amazing photos that would resonate with what we are feeling.

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@asgarth nailed the composition in this amazing image

This image was picked by our curator, @raoul.poenar


A gorgeous abstract image by @artizm

This image was picked by our curator, @victorcovrig


Some amazing images by @iamunframed but with a sad story behind them. Read it here

This image was picked by our curator, @ananuaremere

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This is a very beautiful shot. I like it.

Agreed. Gorgeous shot by @asgarth

Thanks Sara ;)

I totally love the photo by @asgarth - dude you're amazing!

btw. @photomatic the only thing that I have to do to put the #photomatic in the tag section? Should it be first or it can be second or third or it doesn't matter?

It's @asgarth image, @raoul.poenar is the curator who picked it :)
It doesn't matter the order as long as the tag is present

holy molly I'll better edit my post :D
and thanks for answering, actually I was using the tag before but wasn't sure if I do it correctly so now I know :D

Thanks a lot ;)

i like the lens flare, is natural?

Very beautiful photos, congratulations to all !!
I really like the shot of @asgarth

Grazie mille :)