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What's up guys! Exciting times we're living. As you may have noticed we're in and out around here and not because we've abandoned the project (not gonna happen') but because we've been working (well catalincernat, our curator is working) on something that will help the photography and art community in general.

So, that being said we'd like to introduce @ro-witness, the first witness that is dedicated to supporting photographers and artists here, on Steemit.

Here's some little details about the project:

The users behind the witness are @catalincernat and @alexvan, steemians involved in many projects and communities on Steem. We are both Romanians, even if one of us is living in Germany so that is why we have the ro in front of the @ro-witness. You can reach both of us on discord where we would answer most questions.
We strongly believe that Steem will grow exponential in the future and the power of Steem lies in each user that joins. We want to be the voice of the small minnow and also the voice of the big whales.

The first projects we will support are @photomatic, which is a project aiming to help the new and good photographers present on Steem and @steemromania the fast-growing community of Romanians on Steem. Of course, also other projects will be supported when we grow.

You can check out the entire introduction post HERE

So, if you're a photographer, painter or any kind of artist, vote for @ro-witness so we can all grow together and make Steemit a place where art is truly appreciated.

How to vote for @ro-witness

You can vote either via the Steemit witness page or via steemconnect. Both options are presented here.


Vote via SteemConnect


@alexandraioana26 brought me to you. Nice to meet, looking forward to knowing your projects!