We're back!

in #photomatic3 years ago (edited)

What's up everybody? We went a bit awol for the past months due to some time management problems but now we're back on track.
Before we get to the good parts, we just want to let you know that we'll be continuing to curate and vote amazing content on a daily basis but we'll be making the "Best of the best" post where we feature the most amazing photographers only twice a week.

Now, to the good part.

This magical waterfall by @fotosdenada

Reflections overload by @nikitinskiy

@cam.mcfarlane managed to photograph the cutest Sea Dragon we've ever seen

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Great, you're back. I was already wondering what happened. Looking forward to your curations!!

Yay! :) We've missed you!

Nice that you are back:) Once in a while I looked if there were new posts on your blog, now I look forward to see more of your curation @photomatic:)

Welcome back. You might have gone awol before I got here, because I don't remember seeing much from you before.

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The visual art is not my speciality but I think I can try my photographer talent using your tag. I will start soon posting some pictures.