CHERRY FLOWERS | A series i made in my parents garden

in #photomatic3 years ago

Right before I went to Rome, I promised a series with the cherry trees flowers from my parents garden in Ploiesti, Romania.

So, as i promised, today i edited my favorites from the folder. As you all know, i fell in love with my Helios 44m-2 lens, so the whole series is shot with it.



I know, i am so lucky to have all this types of flowers in a garden accessible to me. And for this, I will try and shoot every time i visit my parents and show you guys the results.



The light from the sun also helped me a lot in this photos. It was so gentle and warm, so it made the shots look really well.



Nikon D300sHelios 44m-2Photoshop

Thank you for all the support guys and gals! have a great day!


Your parents are blessed with this types of flowers !!!