FLOWERS IN THE GARDEN | A series i made in my parents garden

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Two days ago i was in my hometown, Ploiesti, and i made some photos with my Macro lens.

Since i got this lens, the Helios 44m-2, i started loving nature macro photos. And having a large garden at my parents house was also a blessing for this type of photography.

Today i show you four photos with some of my favorite flowers form their garden. Some tulips, daffodils and some geraniums flowers.


I just love this yellow tulips, if everyone knows the exact type, please comment bellow


The red geraniums are also kinda impressive in my opinion



I really hope you enjoy this type of photography as much as i do. Thanks to @adrianobalan i discovered this part, so go and give him a follow also.

Have a great week guys and gals!

Nikon D300sHelios 44m-2Photoshop

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This lens create such a pleasant bokeh. Beautiful shots!

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