OLD ROME | Some photos i made at the Palatine Hill in Rome, Italy

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Well, if you taught from my last post about Rome, that those were the only photos i made while visiting, you were wrong. :))

I have so much more to share with you, but i have such little time these days. I have a plan to make a part II for the "Rome in one day" series. In the first post i spoke about airplane tickets, accommodation and visiting the Vatican and St.Peter's Square. In the part II, i will tell you about our second day there, visiting the Palatine Hill, the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi and even an extra special place that my girlfriend discovered. FIRST POST HERE: https://steemit.com/rome/@victorcovrig/one-day-in-rome-italy-or-a-travel-blog-guide-for-visiting-rome-and-the-vatican

Until then, today i am posting three photos i made on the Palatine Hill. I loved the light from that place, and this 3 are my favorite play with light and shadow. Enjoy!




Huawei P10Leika SummaritSnapseed

Hope you are having a great week guys and gals! Thanks for the upvotes and comments!


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The composition on that first one is what drew me to this post. Excellent contrast between the light and shadow, and the splash of green from the tree really draws me in.