My visit to Osun Osogbo shrine: Read me, my journey to Osun Osogbo shrine

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Good day my great steemians, it is quite an age. I will like to take you through my journey to the African culture and Tourism, especially Yoruba culture in Osun State, Nigeria. That is Osun Osogbo shrine tourists centre. And I will be talking about the benefits in which people who believe in it derives from going there purposely to seek solution to one problem or the other, and character of animals therein would be explained later.
Follow me my unforgettable friends: Osun Osogbo shrine is the place where the godess river, which we believed is dwelling, and a lots of people throughout the world are coming to the place I order to say their prayers and also seek solution to the problems at hand by drinking and bath with this water with the hope that their problems will be resolved such as: problem of barren, spiritual attack problems, and many more which are too numerous to mention here. The festive period is around the corner, usually mark yearly during this period people will be glad to showcase their African attire in different styles and it brings all and sundry together throughout the world in order to pay homage to the godess river and say their prayers at the same time with the expectation that whatever they say in their prayer shall come to pass. This is little about my visit to Osun Osogbo shrine, it would be my pleasure if my friends across the globe encourage me on this, your kindness, support, and love for me will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your efforts and time for reading my blog.

Yours faithfully,







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