collective institutional delusion

in #phsycology2 years ago

i will be honest , for full disclosure. my #nhs based phyciatrist considers me a sufferer of paranoid delusion.
to me , this is no different than a #conspiracytheory becoming a material fact.
as we all know , all theory based ideas and suggestions can only be proven by evidence.
so my answer to this proffessional was i considered him a sufferer of conformity delussion.
my point is simple.
the control of being is material and constitutional by nature.
to create a universal paradigm that suits the priviledged few , by default and more importantly by agreement, supports, by worship , the considered supperior beings. by class , wealth and right.
i caution all to be aware of personal greed, established by this social paradox.
we are not serfs.
the new world of #capitalcommunism is the worst combination of the two previous ideaoligies.