Bonus Pigs: How they work!

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We are back again with yet another reveal about Piggericks, a competitive game played with pigs that we have been talking about!


If you’ve been following our previous posts, you must be aware now that it is one of those decentralized games that offer game enthusiasts to play, win, and earn! When you collect pigs with the best attributes in your piggery, you get rewards for their tactful use in the battles played with other players. If you’ve been reading our posts, you know how the game works. However, if you still don’t, visit here

Now, there are some vital aspects of this game you need to understand to get the best out of this game. With that said, let’s take a closer look at ‘Bonus Pigs’ - what does this term mean and how to earn the bonus pigs. Stick with us to learn:

Bonus Pig

A bonus pig is a reward given when you buy packages in the store or engage in other marketing promotions. So, naturally they are also a huge part of our Pre-Sale giveaway offers. (Check the Pre-sale Giveaway)

A bonus pig has two key differences compared to the rest of the pigs in your piggery :

  1. It cannot be transferred or sold
  2. It needs to be played to not expire.

You probably got yours in some form of promotion or as a Bonus when you made a purchase. So if you participated already, your piggery may look something like this:


How to use your Bonus Pigs effectively

When you play a game, you are allowed to use 1 Bonus Pig and this is how they are valuable to you. Since they cannot be transferred, it’s better to risk a bonus pig out of your piggery to win rewards then regular pigs. In a sense, they are like a free-roll or free play where you get to avoid the risk of losing your pigs, but still get as many chances of winning new pigs as if you had risked something. Think of it like a free ticket to a show, where you get to see the show as if you had paid for it, without really paying for it.

In our Pre-Sale, we add a Bonus Pig for every pig in the package (including Bonus pigs). As a result, you can basically double the value you get from these packages until the game goes live on July 15.

Watch the expiration

Bonus pigs have an expiration if they are not being played. This means you should play them if you don’t want to lose them.


The good news is, this expiration can always be extended. In the example above, the requirement is to play 10 games within a 7-day time window. This means every time you play the pig in 10 games within a week, the expiration will get extended by a week. In order for this pig to stay alive, you would simply play with it one or two times a day and your expiration date should always be around a week out. Of course you could also play 10 games the day before it expires and then not play it for another 6 days any other combination thereof.

You can check how often you have played with a Bonus pig in your history.


No Expiration during Pre-Sale

Would it not be sad if Bonus Pigs expired during the Pre-Sale? Of course there won’t be expirations during the Pre-Sale phase and until one week after we go live. So do not worry, you will get plenty of chances to play your Bonus Pigs as soon as we go live.

Check out the other Pre-Sale promotions

Besides, there are bounties, giveaways, referrals, and much more we are offering in our exciting presale. Hurry up to leverage the additional benefits of the presale. To have a brief look at what we are offering, check these offers out:

First, here is what we are offering in a standard package:


And here is what we have in store, with our special packages:


Well you can tell the difference and see how much you can gain in a special package!

We are also giving a lot away to content creators who help us spread the word about Piggericks. You can create blogs, videos and what not to win these bounties. Have a look at them:


So, there is a lot that we are offering in our pre-sale. Learn more about these offers, here
We are so excited to have you guys on board!
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We will be back with more information, soon! Till then, get ready to play and earn!

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