100 Steem Bounty: Your thought on Piggericks?

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We just launched a new game over on Hive.


Yea I know its sad that we are not on steem any more, but with all the strange things that have happened recently here on this chain, we thought hive was a little bit of a safer place to go.

Here is what we need you to do to score a piece of the bounty of this post:

Check out our initial post: https://peakd.com/piggericks/@piggericks/we-are-very-excited-to-present-to-you-today-our-newest-creation-piggericks

Login to the game via hive or ethereum account . Currently you cannot play yet, games will be live July 15., but you can check out the store and score some pre-sale packages.

Write a few sentences of your experience and if you are interested in playing.

Make sure you use the same account on this bounty post as well as in the game so we can verify it was really you.



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Great idea. I know a lot of people who have that game in reality at home. Intellgent mix between gambling and collecting.
I like the ETH user onboarding plus the opensea ETH market to sell pigs very much.
I have several pigs and will give it a try. My first online game ever.
This one makes sense.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-15 um 17.38.46.png

Congratz for officially being a blockchain game dev! Here's my thoughts & feedback. Hope they'd help :)

  • Discovered the game launch from a post by @pundito on Peakd.com 1st impression: The art looks nice. Thanks for taking your time to make a decent looking game 😃

  • Tried both versions of Login with HiveSigner and just posting key. Both versions works just fine with no issues.Don't know how some users had trouble.

  • Sold some of my precious DEC back into Hive and bought myself the 1st Level 4 pre-sale pack. Everything went really well.

Level 4 Pigs.png

What I didn't like: I already had over 180 STEEM waiting after my last powerdown ended. I would have loved to spend that on the game. But I had to go through the DEC re-selling and paying withdrawal fees on my Hive. There's a lot who are powering down. These guys have crypto to spend. Please make the process easier.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Would love to accept steem, but we had to focus what features to launch. Decided to do Hive and Ethereum. Steem is next.

Great to know 😄

Screen shot of my sign in.
I went through the home page and description of the game. What I have seen that has made a game very popular is that the game has an in game token associated with hive-engine and can be traded for hive. dcity is a very good example. I am assuming grunts is the token that can be traded for hive? Furthermore adding a top rank list to earn daily hives depending on a percentage of players buying pigs would also attract more players. Bottom line it is not just important to have a pig that will win a lot but also have a way for players to earn actual crypto to keep them playing daily. Thanks!

Thank you for the valuable feedback!

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[email protected], as i know you, this will be wonderful game based on honest man, so i will give all my support to make this game great as it deserve!

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@piggericks i love the way the game was designed,simple and beautiful design,would really love to play the game and i also admire the fact the game has its own token too which is awesome....

Couldn't sign in

what did u use? Hivesigner? There has beens some issues with it and some node where down. Should be ok now.

Very nice game, I will play for sure

Not good at playing games.. but, i feel it must be good!

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