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We have been buzzing about Piggericks a lot lately because we just cannot contain the excitement! Well, you can’t blame us – it is such a fun game and we want every gaming enthusiast to try their hands in it!

Now, through our previous posts about the introduction to Piggericks and the presale that we’re offering, the basics of the game, and how the bonus pigs work
– you might have got the idea of what Piggericks is all about!

And if you haven’t already, go check these blogs out!

In this post, we will talk about Grunts – our VIP Points and how you can use them!


Introduction to Grunts

At Piggericks, Grunts are a special reward you receive for playing the game or buying things in our store!

They accumulate automatically as you keep reaching different levels. Once you collect them, you can use Grunts in the shop to pay for some items.

When you buy packages from the Piggericks store, Grunts are received as the extra perk and can be used later in the game or the store.

Grunts are designed to be used as a reward for piggericks players and are not designed to be of financial value or currency. We also do not sell them and do not guarantee or manage their value in any way.

You can see how many grunts you hold by checking the number right next to your profile on the top right of the piggericks website after you have logged in.

Grunts are controlled by a DAO

Grunts are controlled by an Aragon DAO and are self-governed by the token holders. Thus, by holding Grunts, you are also holding voting rights in this DAO.

In the current phase, withdrawing the tokens from the Piggericks app is not yet possible. The withdrawal and thus access to your tokens outside of the game will be available in our next bigger release after we go live. Until then, the grunts of all the players are held in the following addresses:

Name: piggericks.aragonid.eth
Link to Organisation:
Grunts Address: 0x57b482dfe9adf5b33c4f7329fcc33369660658fa

You can still track your tokens in the game and on the Hive blockchain. Every time you win them in a game or get some via a shop purchase, there will be a corresponding transaction on the Hive blockchain.

Foundation for Decentralization

We believe in the power of crypto-economics, decentralization and empowering our players by making them a part of the game in the most fundamental way.

However, at this stage, the game is pretty centralized around the founders and makers of the game. It is because we will hold most of the Grunts. However the DAO gives us a foundation where the game can easily be more decentralized in the future, where more and more tokens can be held by players and other participants.

In order to keep the development efforts simple, we have chosen fairly centralized architecture design for many parts of the application at this early stage. For instance, we have full control over the shop smart contract. Any one of these can be made more decentralized by giving control over to the DAO as compared to the keys we control.

So, the game has been designed with the idea of making it more and more decentralized in the future. Our first step towards this approach is having a DAO controlled by Grunts, which the players can earn as they play.

One of the features we love about the DAO is that we can collect player feedback via Polls.
For instance, in the future, we can ask players what features they would prefer in the game, by polls conducted via Grunts.

These are some of the many things that make us excited about the future of blockchains and of course, our game!

Grunts initial distribution

As we begin, there will be 1 Billion Grunts and more grunts can only be minted through the majority approval of Grunt token holders.

75% of the grunts will be owned initially by Founders and Developers and 25% will be given to players via our marketing efforts. This gives us an initial marketing budget until September, after which, the grunts given as rewards can be acquired from the market. Check out how the grunts will be distributed at the initial stages of the game:


100 Million Grunt Give-Away

We have designed our Pre-Sale Phase in a way that roughly 75 Million grunts will be given away to players via special packages, only available until July 15. Check out more about the giveaway by visiting this link

Regular packages give 100 Grunts for every $ spent (packages with 1 Pig only pay 50), while for the Pre-Sales packages, this amount is doubled. However, we don’t expect that every instance of the special packages will be purchased. Yet the tokens will still be distributed to players.

The grunts that are not purchased via these packages, plus an additional 25 Million grunts will be given to players in three stages:


The amount that the players will receive will be relative to their volume as compared to the other players.

In the first phase this means the amount of money spent by the players. For Phase 2 + 3 the playing volume is determined by the experience of the relevant pigs x the amount of games played.

For example, a player using a pig that has 2000 experience compared to a player whose pig has 1000 experience will get twice as many grunts for his play.

These giveaways will be in addition to the normal Grunt rewards players receive for buying packages and playing games. They will be given out as a Bonus Reward at the end of each phase.

50 Million Grunts for Referrals

No, we haven’t forgotten the referrals! We have also reserved 50 Million Grunts for Referrals. These will be distributed to the players who refer the game to others.

If we run out of the grunts to be given as referrals, the rest will be given through packages. If we do not hit the limit of 50 million by the end of September, these grunts will be distributed to the players with respect to their referral volume.

So, this was all about Grunts and how you can use and earn them! If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us!


Explore Grunts and more elements of Piggericks by visiting our website

And last but not least: Thanks for being part of the Piggericks Fun! We promise there is a lot more to come!

Join Us in Our Presale

Now that you know how Grunts work and how important they are in Piggericks, get a chance to win them before everyone else! Join our presale where we are offering a lot more than just Grunts to the first 1000 players and content creators.

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We will be back with more information, soon! Till then, get ready to play and earn!

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