Piggericks: The 3 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid and Ace the Game!

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Have you been playing Piggericks but aren’t satisfied with your game play yet? Well, there are chances that you might be doing something wrong.
To help you crush the games and be a better Piggericks player, we have listed some common mistakes made by most players, below. Have a look at these as we explain where you might go wrong:

1. Banking Too Early

If you find yourself banking too early, it might be because you have learnt the pain of a pig out! Every time a player tosses and gets a pig out, it feels like a personal loss and the players try not to repeat that.

This is why they bank early, to avoid a pig out and the pain that follows. However, if you’ve been doing this – you are making a mistake!

If you’ve watched our Toss or Bank video or read our article about the same, you may know that there are targeted multipliers that you must aim for, depending on the value of your pig. For very good pigs, you need a round of 50, 30 for very bad pigs, and something in between for the average pigs.

But not every player goes by this math. Many players bank too early like when they are close to the 20 multiplier so that they don’t get a pig out. If you want to win strategically, it is important that you stop worrying about the short term results and focus on the long run. So, taking the risk and making a witty decision is required.

As per the expected value maths, the chances of winning for a player are greater than that of losing if they stay close to but below the multiplier target. So, play the game smartly and not emotionally, if you’re in for the long haul and want to win!

2. Not Closing the Deal

Many times, it is seen that players don’t close the deal in time and end up losing. This is where we may need to deviate from our base strategy. For instance, if the math tells you to bank but there is only a multiplier of 15 left, you should probably take the risk and finish the game. Aside from a few exceptions (like when you are way ahead of your opponent and as a result can afford to be conservative), closing the deal is often the right decision!

3. Not Adjusting to the situation

If you don’t adjust to the situation, you will end up losing! Yes, I just told you to go with the math of the throw but making decisions as per the situation is actually more important. For instance, if you have a good first throw and your opponent had a pig out, it is more beneficial if you bank early. This way, you can ensure that your opponent cannot catch up with one round. So, if you put pressure on your opponents and force them to play more aggressively, they have to throw in a way that they have to lose as per the throw math.

The same holds true for you. If you are way behind your opponent, you should look for the 60 multiplier instead of 50 for a very good pig. Accordingly, go for a multiplier of 40 for a bad pig and something in between for an average pig.

To sum it up, just keep these three rules in mind: Do not bank too early, close the deal when feasible, and - most importantly - forget the previous rules if need be and adjust to the situation. With these tips in mind, you can play better, win more, and ace the game!

Piggericks is fun but you gotta be witty to win!

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