Piggericks Welcomes All The Gamers Aboard!

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You guys are amazing and we are super thrilled by the response we got for Piggericks, just after a few days of the launch!

Thank you all the players that have been playing the game consistently and keeping the spirit of Piggericks alive. The response we received from all the players has been amazing and with over 2000 games currently being played within a span of 3 days, it gets better with every new player on board.

We are excited to have 24-hour action from around the world and already so many pigs have been upgraded! Players are running streams for the game, writing about it and creating the buzz that has gotten us pretty excited.

One of the players, Ciderjunkie already has 2 level 7 pigs as he describes in his post, here and his stream about the game.

If you have been a player for a while and want to discuss about Piggericks with your fellow players, you can join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/4bXEst

Be a part of the Piggericks community there and join other members. You are free to chat and hang out there and even find an opponent if you don’t have anyone to play the game with!

Now, if you still haven’t tried the game yet, do check it out at https://www.pickericks.com/! We are sure you will be captivated! Once again, thank you all for joining and playing Piggericks, and we welcome all the new players to join the fun and excitement!

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