Piggericks: What Makes for a Good Pig?

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Are you having fun playing Piggericks? Curious to learn?

Let’s talk about what makes for a Good Pig that will take you forward in the game!

Pig Attributes – Focusing on Appearance

First off, let’s talk about pig attributes, i.e the qualities of the pigs you receive like their health, loyalty, appearance, etc.

These attributes are unique for each pig and assigned at random upon buying them from the shop.

The major attributes of the pigs are:

· Health
· Loyalty
· Symmetry
· Appearance

Pigs with the best appearance will score higher more often. Now, appearance score is an aggregate of all the attributes that affect how the pigs fall:

· Landing on the nose and ears will help you hit the highest scores.
· Landing on back and feet is the bread and butter for the players.
· Landing on opposite sides of the bellies will lead to Pig Outs.

This means, pigs with bigger ears and noses are generally preferably. Also, you should always take the symmetry of the pigs you pair up into consideration to reduce the risk of Pig Outs

Health and Loyalty

Health and Loyalty matter when the game is over, specifically when you lost the match.

Two bad things can happen that the attributes of your pigs matter for:

  1. They can have a heart attack.
  2. They can defect to your opponent.

The first happens very rarely, especially when your pig is healthy. Generally pigs have very weak hearts and get stressed when they lose. Sometimes they just fall over and die of a heart attack. Poor piggies!

To avoid the stress and disgrace of losing, your pig may decide to switch sides. Generally, more loyal pigs will stay with you longer and have a lower chance to just run away after you lost a game. It can still happen, but it's rare.

The Skill

So, in summary, a good pig is the one that has better attributes than others, especially when it comes to appearance.

When you combine all the attributes – health, loyalty, symmetry, and appearance, they aggregate to the overall Skill of the pig. This can be seen in the Skill bar and based on this value, you can tell your pig as good, average, or bad.

But do not only look at the skill overall, also make sure your individual attributes work well together.

Which two pigs are your favorite combination? Show us your best piggy pair in the comments!

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