The Contest of Petals - A Hollyhock for PinkFlowerDay

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This is my entry to @petals Contest of Petals. PinkFlowerDay is on Wednesdays but I thought I'd get this posted while I was thinking about it. This is a macro shot of a hollyhock flower with its pollen literally so heavy it is falling off in clumps.

My mother-in-law gave me the seeds for these hollyhocks. I don't know where she got them so I don't know the name of the variety.

Thanks for stopping by! For rules and recommendations for the Petals Contest, you can see them here.

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That's such a nice shot of flower @hethur240😉
For several weeks ago I also love to follow the #petals #contest but now I forget to share about my petals entry for a day😅
Alright! Maybe from this time I must follow and continue about this petals contest again, thank you for inspired me🤗🤗🤗

I have also been following the #petalscontest for weeks and this is my very first entry! I hope you share yours!