Pirate Coin | The Monero Killer ?

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Pirate Coin (a.k.a. Pirate Chain), The fact that Bitcoin was becoming popular among those who advocated a decentralized revolution was not enough to achieve its goals inspiring developers to innovate in the dark.

In terms of transaction data protection, this innovation focused on currencies such as Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC) and the newest private coin Pirate (ARRR).

You’ve heard of DASH, XMR, and ZEC, but what the fuck is ARRR Coin (Pirate Chain)? After all, this anonymous transaction blockchain tech is only two months old. But don’t mistake its youth for its lack of formidable privacy features.

Pirate Coin ARRR possibly has the most private transaction technology of all privacy coins. Many of us believe that if the government can taint bitcoin it will.

Pirate coin is a true pirates protection currency that takes financial privacy very seriously. Pirate chain is a 100% anonymous with no compromises. Pirate chain uses a blockchain privacy protocol that cannot be affected by the activities of other users in the network.

Many similar currencies are interspersed with holes created by optional privacy. Pirate uses zk-snarks (Soon a Sapling only chain) to protect 100% of the p2p transactions in the blockchain, making it very anonymous and private.

Pirate was designed as a property protection currency with Zcash parameters, with a unique base that all transactions are Z -Transactions. In addition, Pirate was created with its own unique asset chain of zk-snarks (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) for data protection and dPoW (delayed proof of work) for security.

The main feature of Pirate crypto is that 100% of the send transactions (outbound) in the chain are Private transactions. The $ARRR cryptocurrency has no option to send a transparent (public viewable) transaction.

Ultimately, Pirate will have a complete group of protected funds. In the simple case, without knowledge, there is no information that someone can analyze or find. Put this all in your blender and the makes #ARRR Coin 100% untraceable.

Pirate could be considered the most anonymous, private and secure cryptocurrency blockchain created to date. The developers who created zcash, on which the pirate coin is based, believe that the best use of the protocol is a chain that only requires private sends only.

Pirate coin is an anonymous currency that uses the zcash algo parameters (zk-snarks) to require private sends only in the blockchain as said earlier. There are no public send transactions on the chain.

This makes Pirate coin, without a doubt, one of the most private cryptocurrencies (IMO — If not… speak up!!) — Join Pirate Discord https://pirate.black/discord/

In addition, Pirate ARRR is backed by the Komodo dPoW, which makes it one of the most unhackable cryptocurrencies, with 51% attack resistance and double-spend protection.

Don’t believe me ? Do your Due Diligence and get involved. Pirate Coin’s Radio ARRR will bring the latest information for you to keep up with in the coming months.



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