Pixel Art Weekly~Round 11~Theme Announcement~Win Steem!!

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Welcome you pixel junkies to Round 11 of
Pixel Art Weekly!

Congratulations @megii for winning week 10!
You did an amazing job, especially for your first efforts at pushing pixels.

So let's get to it....
It's time for the #pixelartweekly
Theme Announcement!

This week's theme is...

(via DeviantArt.com)

As always, the theme is interpretive. You can create real insects, fake insects, insectoids, or perhaps you're a programmer and you have a completely different opinion on what a bug is.
(via kickstarter.com)

The examples I share are simply meant to inspire you.
Like this abstract insect...
(via killbodyeatsoul.net)

Don't forget, bonus cookies given to all animated works.
(via pixeljoint.com)

You can choose to do a multitude of insects, just please lump them together into a single entry.
Such as...
(via DeviantArt.com)

I'd really love to see more artists join
Pixel Art Weekly
So, I'll also give a bonus to anyone that gets another artist to join.
If you get someone new to enter and they mention you personally with their legitimate entry,
Pixel Art Weekly
will reward you with
5 SBD!
(via giphy.com)

Da Rulezzzzzzzappl

Welcoming all artists to participate in
Pixel Art Weekly
where your pixel prowess can win you

Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of software, where images are edited on the pixel level.

If you are unsure about what defines pixel art, please check out this link....

Contests will begin on Mondays, at which point the theme for the week will be revealed.
On Fridays I will post the top 3 and allow steemit users to vote for the final winner.
Winners will be announced on Sundays and will be rewarded half of all steem raised on that weeks posts.
To participate, contestants must put their entry in the comments below. They must also upvote and resteem the post.
Tag any personal posts of your entry with #pixelartweekly
Bonus points will be awarded for animated gifs.
All entries must be original works of art.

Keep Calm & Steem On



Here's my attempt - it's only the second piece of pixelart I ever made

Bee putting honey into a honeycomb

Now you just need to follow the rules and resteem the post.

damn :D I forgot :D did it now :D

My first attempt at PAW :)


PAW Insects Post

Hey Jonny,

The last week was a great motivation for me, so I decided to create an animation this time.

You can find the whole creating process of it here: https://steemit.com/art/@megii/first-try-of-pixel-art-gif

I will appreciate your ideas what should be the backround!

Thank you a lot for such an opportunity!

very nice. can you also post a 1x scale version, I'd love to see this at actual pixel size


Did you both mean this? :D Should I originally create it from more pixels? And thanks!

that's what I meant. very awesome !

It looks fantastic!
Even just a solid color background will help the art stand out more.

Thank you!






I just can't make a choice. What do you think?

Can you also attach a version of this in its original scale?


Did you both mean this? :D Should I originally create it from more pixels?

Just wanted to see it... That's awesome

Leave it as is.
If you make the top 3 again, I'll pick one.
Probably the light blue.

If I'm allowed to chime in here... My eyes got stuck on light blue background as well :)

No problem, thanks for your opinion. :)

Yes! I was able to complete an entry.

My butterfly entry :)

Is there somewhere I can pm you?
Discord or chat?

Twitter right now or discord tomorrow :) @kristyglas

Message me on discord when you're around please.

Well I didn't receive any messages from you, we can chat here if you don't mind then :)

Hi, from me! Here is my first entry at all. It's my first time to designing a pixel art and I am so excited! I really enjoyed it!


just came across the PAW challenge. If there hasnt been one you should do one about coins. Everyone should make some pixl art about their favorite coin. mine is DOGE but I cant do pixel art myself -.- found this on the internet^^

That's definitely a possibility for a theme in the future.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Did someone mentions bugs ? I swear I heard someone mention bugs. What's up doc. Bugs' the name !

(for shits & giggles)

100% link
200% link

> source image <

Hey Jonny, i love what you are doing with the Pixel Art Weekly. It's a Really fun awesome contest series.

I'm ramping up to build some of my own projects to support artists on and off of steem, and advocate for artists needs on steem and other blockchain networks. In the future I hope to be able to facilitate new projects and support existing projects like your own.

I'm looking for some help finding the best artists on steem, so if you have any suggestions let me know, or post them here:

I am giving out a small amount of SBD and up votes for people who help me find artists already using this platform.

Thanks, again, i appreciate your work.

That's my entry:


It's my first try doing pixel-art. Hope you like it.
Upvoted and resteemed! 😀

Thank you @jonny-clearwater!! Think I'll join this contest more often in the future. It's really fun! Thanks for this great contest!

Hey Jonny it's allowed to do an insect type pokemon? i've done a sprite of Caterpie

Absolutely. As long as its original artwork

I made it!

Love it!
Don't forget to tag the personal post of yours with #pixelartweekly

Nice!! great skills....I would like some burgers, fries and milkshake pixel art!!

Yayay! I'm finally settled in my new place so I can enter into this weeks contest! I like this theme :)

hi, interesting post ... I never did anything similar maybe I will give it a try maybe I will join in but since you are my only reference at this point, I was just surfing steemit, will I get the 5 sbd from you ? :D just joking.. any start offs on how to make pixel bugs b4 I submerge into it ? thank you for this community game :)

Take a look at the original post, this one is the update.
In the original under "rules" is a fantastic link to get you off on the right foot.
Piskel is a great free software for creating pixel art also.

thanks! I will look into it.

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