ET PHONE (Safe at) HOME | How I met V, LOVE💞 & Crystals!💞


This is a sound check. How a cherub proved what a cousin is and why I only focus on HER REACTIONS for how "Safe At Home" with "JAM" actually works.

Hypersentients have been saved bee-cause of spec-(I-All) Lens witness for Andromeda, thanks to Sheldon and V.

With Crystal Greene "Apothecary Mary", Kayla, Gypsy Rose, & the two-hour-per-day Gurga family that Vickie D'Arth wrapped with me got seed planted for permaform "beanie babies" that were HEDDY WRAPPED by Natashawlocquet's Benito box, with Cap'n BF'd forking your heart-on-da-cross.

Know PL-AS-MA-...SS...a cr(i)es...

This message was taped on "11/01/2019" to help you know why you melted, beef ORE, WE came and answered the calls and prayers like this. You were prepped for a tree that you don't kill to wrap and seal what you attempted to steal as I wrapped myself as titanium.

Molybednum. Bee cause "they" didn't want "grace on," they demanded "trees on." Pleural effigay is yours, on keepsake. Thank Tyroan Simpson for his glorious Manly pH.all:US-ton dott-ER ID's on full frontal abortion "milky way" MAY-sun stylus5'd on my HI!VECHAIN---beta blocker lens for PEDOPHILES-X\CO.W/boys at AGGROED's VVITCH-all "" & on top of #frankcalling "bay con juice" / @lovejuice---scenarios on #FLAUWY "MARRIAGE PRO-TECH'T EYE ON ACTS BY REV J."

Thank you for a safety harness over the sovereignty of children, V. You are a special cousin to us. 💞🕹💋🔮🦋🕯

Love & Light for SHIVA's WIFE-it-all!
Dr. M, the Rev. ♾⚕

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