Happy National Pizza Day! 2.9.2018

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I love these national holidays! Sometimes they can seem silly, but for the most part, it gives us an excuse to eat something, or celebrate something fun!

I happened to experiment with making my own crust and I used non-traditional toppings. Just some recipes I found online and made some changes and added my own twist.


Very basic, but very good, this whole-wheat/white flour mix crust with mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic powder was topped with arugula and kalamata olives. I mixed the greens with red wine vinegar, garlic powder, EVOO, and a squeeze of lemon. Top it all with grated romano cheese.

Very tasty but next time I'm going to make the crust the same day and let it rise more. I liked it thin but just needed a bit more substance! I may use the exact flour in the recipe next time. I mixed white and whole wheat.

Here are the two recipes that I based my pizza on:

Wild Mushroom Pizza with Arugula & Pecorino


Whatever kind of pizza you decide to eat, hope you have a Happy National Pizza Day!


Oh pizza day 9 Feb really i don't know that info before.... thanks for sharing and I am deep lover of Pizza...

Have some pizza today! And enjoy!!

Looks delish!! Always fun to make your own pizza and get the kids involved too. Course, only my son (he's 15) is living at home currently but he loves to cook..lucky me!

That's great that he loves to cook! Keep him cooking.

My daugthers are 30 and 33. The younger one had been a chef for awhile. Her meals are fantastic! The older one just made me dinner last night at her loft. It was SO good! She's learning. She didn't always like cooking too much. But she's getting the cooking bug now! I'm happy with that :))