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RE: Huge #PizzaGate News! Comet Ping Pong is officially UNDER Investigation by DCMPD!

in #pizzagate4 years ago (edited)

The troll account created by "Jeff C", to discredit me and to make personal attacks on me:

I don't want to say I told you so ... but I'm going to anyway


I was even suspicious of Jeff C. since the day you introduced me to him in my blog Did Justin P. Hess Kill His Own Mother and a Complete Stranger?

Also, I see that the DC police already started changing their story ...


Or you could do it on the platform to which both parties are familiar.

Have it on a neutral channel.

You are the reason this debate isn't happening. If you are right about pizzagate what's the problem?

intrigued by your reply and so i am now following.

decided to follow you based on this reply

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