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Investigative journalist and champion of children, Liz Crokin joins me to discuss the latest developments regarding the round up of pedophiles, child traffickers and President Trump's mission to put an end to all of it. We also cover the strange and wonderful awakening of Kanye West who recently tweeted "I'm all the way out of the sunken place. And I'm not scared anymore."

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God bless Kanye! And Trump! And SGT Report!

God bless Kanye! I am a new fan!!

@sgtreport, your show is one of the most dependable, honest Alt Media sources available. This show with Liz Crokin is another example of this high-production-value show delving into an area many other journalists will not venture into. The information covered is so terrible that most can only handle small doses at a time. The SGT Repot intelligently manages to do achieve their objective of informing the public in a professional, intelligent & thoughtful manner.

Keep up the great work.

canusapatriots, THANK YOU THANK YOU - I very much appreciate your kindness & support. What a nice thing to say.

Hi Sean, just an observation. You write above "THANK YOU THANK YOU." I would suggest that one of the best ways to thank the people that comment on your blog is to upvote them. As you have a 67 Steemit score and over 3,500 Steem, I'm sure you realize by now that Steemit survives through supporting people with the same upvotes that you request from others on your posts. Since actions speak louder than words, I would recommend that you start to upvote the people supporting you on your blog like the support you've rightfully called out above.

(And the best thing about it is that it costs you absolutely nothing to do so.)

Thanks for that response, @newsandviews. I was not seeking any monetary support for my response but it's a good point that you made, and I've thought about the same situation regarding other "big names" that myself and many others have loyally followed for some time.

Thanks. I know that you were not looking for an upvote from Sean, but sadly I never see Sean upvote anybody and frankly, this is simply wrong on Steemit. I fully understand if he doesn't have the time to search through all the new posts across Steemit, but he can at least upvote those that are providing input on his page. That takes almost nothing to do.

Wanna know something funny? The one pic I used under the "Red Pill" heading in that article - it was his main picture for his next ytube video. Go look, lol. I don't mind, not my pic. I think he has someone else doing his replies, too. All good. If that pattern continues, there are a lot of other great talented people putting up work. Competition is healthy.

Competition as well as cooperation are always very healthy when it comes to getting the truth out. There are a lot of people to wake up and none of us can do it all on our own. Keep up the good fight..

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Hi Sean, you referenced Baphomet in this report, but I don't think many people really understand what Baphomet truly represents. Baphomet is a deification of the sum of all sin as well as the representation of the luciferian path to godhood through sin.

I've put together a post that explains where Baphomet as a deity comes from and why the Luciferians worship him/her. I would highly recommend that you have a read here.

Excellent breakdown of the essence and purpose of Baphomet worship! Just make sure you explain that Baphomet and Lucifer are not the same. They are two different beings.

Thanks. I absolutely agree. They are not the same entity at all. Hopefully I've made that clear in my linked post. Please do let me know if and where it doesn't come across there clearly.

Alright! Thanks for the information! Peace!!!!

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Long live the SGT Report

I’m not a NAY SAYER , but I want some fucking results❗️I’m tired of this protectionism we’re supposed to have for citizens that are still sleeping 😴 ❗️FUCK’EM‼️. I’m tired of grown fucking AMERICANS with their heads up their asses , full of overindulgences with food , and entertainment , and TOTALLY IGNORANT of their constitutional responsibilities ❗️I just recently saw a report that stated that thousands of children go missing every year without a trace ❗️So forgive me if I just don’t give a SHIT about dumb ass AMERICANS going nuts and having to be put in psych wards ❗️🤨 I’ve been RED PILLED before it was popular , and I’ve been on this ROCK (earth)for a long time . And although I didn’t know about the PEDOS in our government , I always knew they operated with complete absence of justice . I took an oath , and I take that oath DAM SERIOUS ❗️To me if one life was taken unnecessarily , then that was one life too much . They are still operating as if though nothing is going on . Illinois is one of their HIVES ❗️And nobody is paying attention to me about it . FULL of FREEMASON fucks . Full of corrupt politicians . Full of unconstitutional laws . The toughest gun laws in the country and a HUD/VASH program that victemizes veterans , and I don’t see a single fucking alternative twat here reporting on it ⁉️ AMERICANS deserve the SHITSTORM thats coming . They betrayed all of us . They forgot that together we stand and divided we fall . Too busy tearing each other up to realize what a MAFIA is running them . But I’m supposed to care for their mental capacity to handles the TRUTH⁉️ Think about what your all asking me to consider . And LIZ I truly appreciate what your doing , so don’t get me wrong on that . But the entire alternative movement has a mental disease called ‘we have to protect this pussy ass public from the truth “ and its eating at me right now .

Thank you for introducing me to Liz Crokin!

Incredible! A lot more hard-hitting than what you might hear on Youtube! Names and wicked deeds were exposed!

wow! this some deep inner s****. thanks alot @sgtreport

Thanks for tuning in gideonchu!