Full Court Press- Calling ALL Warriors Of The Light

in #pizzagate4 years ago (edited)

Please please please- for the children of humanity- CALL


Have you tried DTube? It can be a bit buggy and slow, but will add to your Youtube awards. Nice to see a fellow Virginian!


Nice to meet you, @thelightreports!

This post has been recognized as possibly undervalued compared to posts of similar length and upvotes. I will give it a thorough review soon and possibly curate it to over 1,000 in aims to raise the value of the post.

In the meantime, I have followed you and I look forward to your future posts! I hope @OriginalWorks and @steem-untalented can help you a little (I do not claim ownership).

If you happen to dislike this comment, don't worry I will happily edit it away after I have some time to give you a better review. Thank you for your kind patience and may we steem into the future!

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