Huge #PizzaGate News! Comet Ping Pong is officially UNDER Investigation by DCMPD!

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Huge #PizzaGate News! Comet Ping Pong is officially UNDER Investigation by DCMPD!

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Hey everyone! This is great news and I just can't wait to tell you about it. Comet Ping Pong is under investigation for the Child Porn = Cheese Pizza they were selling on their server on the encrypted section of the Comet website. This is now in the hands of the Police who are doing their job!

Let's all thank god for the good people at the DCMPD who are doing their job and going up against this sick disgusting behaviour by the "untouchable" elites in the swamp. I pray we see justice for this and I pray for protection for the DC Police.

Tweet with Email from DC Police confirming Detective Jeremiah Johnson has been assigned to the case:

Video by @Defango:

Interview with the Hacker "BigFish":

The troll account created by "Jeff C", to discredit me and to make personal attacks on me:

I know it was "Jeff C" aka Free Radio Revolution for multiple reasons, the "parody" account which it is not a parody it is a slanderous account aimed at making personal attacks at me for exposing PizzaGate, uses "twoof" and "tight ass". Jeff C literally in a tweet to my from his actual account called me a "tight ass shill", and the parody account revealed information about issues I was having in DM's (not publicly available) with him and some other youtubers when I could not get anyone to join my STWT show for a few weeks awhile ago. Only a few people even had access to that information and only one of them has turned on me since, that is Jeff C the actual shill. Proof:

Thanks for watching everyone! I appreciate the help. Let's keep the pressure on and make sure that people are aware of what is going on and let's get justice against these sick fucks at comet ping pong.

BTW YouTube has demonetized basically every video I have put up recently including this one. Please join steemit and or patreon to support me for the work I have been doing to expose these elite at the cost of my own personal life for almost a full year. Links below.

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The troll account created by "Jeff C", to discredit me and to make personal attacks on me:

I don't want to say I told you so ... but I'm going to anyway


I was even suspicious of Jeff C. since the day you introduced me to him in my blog Did Justin P. Hess Kill His Own Mother and a Complete Stranger?

Also, I see that the DC police already started changing their story ...

Or you could do it on the platform to which both parties are familiar.

Have it on a neutral channel.

You are the reason this debate isn't happening. If you are right about pizzagate what's the problem?

intrigued by your reply and so i am now following.

decided to follow you based on this reply

I hope that detective doesn't end up like Seth Rich. When you're dealing with people like that, even law enforcement officers aren't out of reach.

OK, that one almost made me cry. I never thought ANYTHING would come of this, and I KNOW they still may cut deals and sweep shit under rugs, but this truly gave my heart a lift this morning. THANK YOU! tip!

If indeed there was a crime committed i hope and pray you are successful at uncovering the truth and exposing it. Risking your life is noble in every way; but if caught how will you expose more truths :) stay more anon

Reshared @phibetaiota

Noticed this video was taken down from youtube??

Censorship --^

I am definitely thanking God...there are still good people in this world. And you are one of em! Great news, thank you so much for sharing.

Sadly, they are no longer going to investigate according to vid put out today by Victurus Libertas....but those pervs can't hide forever. They will eventually be judged... @dakini5d

Thanks for all you do TitusFrost! You are awesome! Resteemed this on: @dakini5d

I thought #pizzagate referred to the BS thing about HRC? Am I missing something?

And it only took a year of hard work! Way to go Brother- looks like it's about to pay off!!!


This fucking paedophilia swamp is being drained.

a good content leads to a good popularity.
Thanks for sharing the video with us.
I've resteemed your post!

This is really only the beginning.

Great video Titus!

Thank you for continuing on with this. It really broke my heart when pedophiles were exposed a year ago, and society still couldn't bring themselves to take these sickos down. It's encouraging to see what is happening recently. You certainly were no small part in helping to spread the information, and you did it really well. You're a good man.

Yea , having been one one the first people on the #pizzagate thing oct/nov last year I can tell you that the authourities are all so inbred and and corrupt that no investigation by them will ever go anywhere

Just keep beating the drums, detractors are there to tie up your time.

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nice video !


Great work guys :)

Karma vs Justice? The excuses and mindsets that are allowing this to continue is sickening and needs to be addressed. We need justice and prevention. Not Karma cause people are claiming Karma = reason people get abused in the first place. We need to prevent predators, punish those in this life we catch with severe punishment.
#Karma believers excuse and try to justify #childabuse and #PizzaGate. Invisible forces of justice? or laziness and a way of thinking that makes child abuse and other things okay?
Screen shot from conversation.

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