Statement Regarding SteemBlast Plagiarism of Resteemable Beta

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After discussions with and developer @sdavignon, has decided to join forces with We will be rolling out in collaboration with to better serve the steemit community.


@sdavignon, @satoshiroller, and have been found plagiarizing the beta project / @resteemable. They accessed code that was forked by a developer who has been away due to health reasons and they do not have WiFi in Moroccan hospitals. The original repository was deleted early Feburary, but was originally released under a GPL  license. They then released the code with no attribution to the orginal team.

I argue that this repository is not public property as the original has been deleted, and the remaining code only exists due to the fact that our developer has been unable to gain access to the internet.

Remember this is a community. @sweeverdev / @sweever is part of the community and so is the original creator @gktown, in collaboration with the witnesses @resteemable and @spotlight.

We ask that you cease and desist usage of our deprecated codebase and allow us to finish our Beta.
At that time we will open our source under GPL Licensing.

Thank you for working with us in this effort and sorry for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.


I think this is very sad. Plagiarism should be frowned at no matter who is involved. This is quite disappointing

After discussion with @gktown and other @resteemable Steemians. I completely agree with every one and and we are going to delete the repo and terminate the bot. We didn’t do the due diligence on the github repo that was left as a remnant of a closed project and mistakenly thought it was open sourced. Again I am apologizing, we are all looking to build applications here and grow

Thank you for understanding. I hope our teams can collaborate in the future when we're ready to launch out of closed beta. We will not pursue this issue further. Best @spotlight, @resteemable @gktown & the BlockRunners.

thank you for the support

Ah so that's where steemblast is from...

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