3D and Aerobatic RC planes - "hovering" demo

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3D and Aerobatic RC planes are best for doing figures like looping, hovering, torque rolling etc. They are specially designed with high lift wings and powerful thrust, 3D airplanes offer the perfect precision flying and acrobatic stunts.

Hovering is one of the most difficult but most attractive maneuvers. The pilot needs a lot of experience.

I am fortunate to know a few pilots who can perform very confidently and attractively very difficult maneuvers, including "hovering".

On the next two videos I've taken for a flying field, you can enjoy the skills of these super RC pilots.

On the first video you can see "torque rolling" and "hovering":

The next short video very well shows the exercise "hovering":


Nice ! I've flown quadcopters for a few years, mostly just for FPV with HMD. Can't do any tricks though, I spend all my time just trying not to crash...

I've seen some amazing tricks done also with helicopters, never tried a helicopter yet but it's on my todo list.

I couldn't trust myself with an aeroplane either, it would be over the horizon and gone before I could do anything lolol.

My favourite is cars though, for FPV. Not as exciting but I have a really great modified crawler, and it's nice to explore round the garden while sitting inside :-)

Wow! Congratulations, colleague!

I have been dealing with models for 2 years ago. I have the following RC models: 5 airplanes and 3 multicopters. Helicopters are the most difficult to driving. I have FPG equipment but I do not know it yet.

I would very much like to find followers in Steemit for this wonderful hobby!

I have 5 multicopters, all different sizes, I make them all myself. I would like to make an RC submarine at some point also (with FPV) so I can explore the sea :-)

I haven't seen any people on Steemit yet who like RC models...

I'm going to post pictures of my RC models. :)

cool, I look forward to it ! I might post some of mine as well.