PLANET POSITIVES : Looking for Environmental Projects on Steem...

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I'm keen on the Planet !

I have spent most of my adult life involved, in one way or another, in environmental projects and environmental campaigning.

In my early time on Steem I reflected that interest through my activities with the Homesteaders & Preppers Community and through the AltLife / Alternative Lifestyle show I presented every week on MSP Waves.

I would love to see much more #planetpositives activity on Steem again...

Environmental Projects on Steem

Although a number of people make individual posts on the #planetpositives tag I can only find two specific environmental projects on Steem at present.

@thegreens in Cameroon are a long time eco-project on Steem.

They are doing great work on recycling, tree planting, eco-design and the like.

They have recently been running a Green Deeds contest...

Their Plastic Bottles Recycling and Arboriculture Project has even been featured on national TV...

@steemforsdgs run by @ponpase in Indonesia is a new project on Steem set up to promote the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The project is currently producing eco-friendly shopping bags to help reduce single use plastic...

They have also been involved in a Mangrove planting activity...

And their recent clean-up work has been featured in several online news media...

I am keen to find and encourage any other environmental / planet positive projects on Steem.

And to connect with people interested in this area.

@papi.mati posted a great article a few days ago with 80 ways to become more environmentally friendly...

Check it out and see how many of the 80 tips you are already doing.

Do comment below if you are involved in any environmental projects on Steem.

I would love to hear from you !

For anyone who likes trees I am still running my #What3Trees Steem promotion campaign...

Thank you


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Hello, greetings @pennsif. What a good job these steemians are doing on this platform. Everything has its moment, now is when I am finding out about this work that these guys do. I am going to read your publications, to see how I can collaborate, it is a very interesting topic to have a better Planet Earth, with more oxygen and less pollution. We must also do a global awareness work, so that the human being awakens in consciousness and does not continue to harm the PLANET. Greetings...

Thank you so much for adding us to the list.

We have a number of programs that will be realized soon.

Recently we conducted a Survey for the #goal03 program.

This week will also be a tiring day to distribute eco-friendly shopping bags.

Meanwhile, in the third week of the month we will plant trees in one of the learning centers for early childhood ( #goal15 )

You are doing great work.

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