You are such a good sport Globi!!! hahaha awesome!!! Even Sheriff Globi isn't above the law in PlankTown I see LOL

Open ended fun - life is a lot less stressful if we don't take ourselves too seriously! :D

Agreed! There is no need for this! Most bots already leave a reply plus you can see everything in the wallets and at the voting list!

What's uninvited and uneccessary is the egregious use of bid bots and the eventual ruin of steemit because of it, I am glad I know who is abusing this so I can flag, flag, flaggggggg

well, lets see ther super brain ... the value of a currency is the ability to use said currency. The bid bots allow people to use said currency purchasing what amounts to promotion (advertising). In what world do you get to dictate if a person buys advertising to promote their product?

Who wants to dictate anything? I'm just stating it ruins the ecosystem... now eat this flag and learn your place.

Learn her place? really and who the hell makes you the dictator of the platform? Spending the currency doesn't ruin the ecosystem at all but then, for you to understand that you'd need to be using some functioning brain cells.

lmao what is with this dictator word. I didn't even know this person was a 'she', now put down your lance white knight and go away

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