Welcome To PlankTown Under The Sea!

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Ladies and Gentlemen!! Boys and Girls!!

Welcome to PlankTown, Under the Sea!

I am very pleased to introduce you all to the magical world of


As the creator of PlankTown, @thebugiq, I am very honoured to be joined by the wonderful artistry of @derosnec and my PlankTown pard @globocop.


Creator, writer & vocalist for PlankTown. You can find me in PlankTown going by the name Plankie! More often than not, you will find me getting myself into trouble with the lovely redheaded BlueBerry Krill!


Creative genius. The fathomless artistry of @derosnec brings the stories and songs of PlankTown to life with her wonderful drawings and animation.


Chris the Hat Hatfield "Globi" Globocop is sitting in the operations and production chair. While he wears many hats, his favourite is his cowboy hat. You can find him in PlankTown going by the name Globi. Not only is he the Sheriff in PlankTown, there is a rumour he may be hired as the town Chaplain one day. Another building going up in PlankTown!!

I invite you to follow along

with the many marvelous adventures as the characters of PlankTown live life in the ocean depths.

Don’t be surprised

if real Steemians are featured in guest appearances. You never know, it could be you!!

For today I would like to introduce you to

Plankie and his girlfriend, the gorgeous, red headed BlueBerry Krill, as well as Globie, our beloved Sheriff. Remember, no weapons are allowed in PlankTown so no one is allowed to carry flags!


Plankie & BlueBerry Krill


Sheriff Globi

On behalf of myself and the creative team,

I want to thank you for joining us.

It is my sincere hope that,

first and foremost, you will enjoy each and every episode. More than that we hope you will become our fans and supporters.

See you around the sea!!

To PlankTown Under The Sea!!

©The PlankTown™ name, characters and all content including images and text are the sole property of PlankTown™ and may only be used with express written permission.



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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight

to Steemians all around the world. I want to send out a big Thank You to the many folks who are supporting PlankTown and looking forward to having some fun. I can't tell you how much your support means to me, @derosnec & @globocop.

As a team we plan to bring many new things to you

starting very soon. Our first official PlankTown post will drop early next week. Thank you once again for joining us. We are looking forward to having a few laughs with you and entertaining you as PlankTown grows into a wonderful community.

Welcome to PlankTown, Under The Sea!

Love, @thebugiq, @derosnec & our beloved PlankTown Sheriff @globi Chris 'The Hat' Hatfield @globocop

Awesome! This is great, I am excited to see the creativity flow!

WhatsUPPPPPPPPP. So basically, as one of the earliest fans of PlankTown and let's be honest, the first PlankTown superfan, I owe you a huge thank you for your early support and encouragement!!

I'm excited to see it become a major project. :)

Ah who am I kidding? It was @whatsup who lead me here. Seems to always find the best content and projects.


Very creative! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! :)

Thanks Connor, glad to have you along :D

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I have been looking forward to this for a long time!
It has started!!!!!!
More more more
We want more!

Thanks so so much snekky!!! I'm so happy to finally be up and running. It's been so much work and effort and I'm working with such a great team. I really appreciate all your support!!

looks very cool man, and very promising!! im happy for you :P So you need a shelfish more ? haha

Thank you my brother!!! It's going to be so much fun!!

How exciting that this is closer to launch! 😊 I went to the MSP/PAL server on discord after Whaleshares tonight, and Globi was talking about it, too, so Planktown got LOTS of exposure!

I noticed someone suggested, in another comment, that a discord server might be a good idea; if you decide to go that route, let me know if you want some help with setting it up.


Thanks so much Kitty!!! The server has been all set up for couple months now. We will unveil all shortly :)

NO WAY!!! This is the coolest thing ever! I'm so excited to see what adventures take place in Planktown, and to hear your songs about it @thebugiq. I look forward to seeing Blueberry Krill! And those drawings are remarkable, @derosnec!!! And @globocop as the Sheriff? Oh, this is going to be hilarious! And so creative!! Exciting times!

Thank you @disarrangedjane! This is definitely going to be a fun project 😁

Thanks so much Jane!! Seems like a lifetime ago you found me through my first couple of posts. Bless you!! Hope you're doing well.

It has begun!

A big thanks to @Derosnec whose artistry is stunning.

globi back in his chair...

Very happy to be on board! (...or more appropriately swimming around town...)

No one drowns in PT - good place to be!
Glad to have you on board... :)

nice content

Stretches in his chair....
Checking flag guns and such...

I am hungry. Should I order shrimp or a hot Kryll?

Are you trying to have a thrill with my BlueBerry Krill Globi!!! haha LOL!! Love you to bits buddy!! :D

Miam - yes - I am. But I take the red one, not the blueberry...

Ohhh.. she's so gooood.

:) cool... a mermaid unicorn... a fairy winged manta ray? who knows :) bimphizzle!

hmmmm lots of cool things come to my little mind!!! :D Looking forward to this!! [Bug]

hmmmm lots of cool things come to my little mind!!! :D Looking forward to this!! [Bug]

May I suggest a giant isopod? they're supercute. I love isopods, I had a pet isopod (no joke). Some isopods control big fish, just a tiny little thing and they´re like aliens driving a spaceship hahaha XD

I wonder how they learned to control other fish? That's amazing! They look like little custodians or something for PlankTown! Very alien looking for real! Is it possibly controlling you now trying to promote itself? I don't know!! It's so confusing!

I had one isopod as pet but it was terrestrial, she lived 3 years, her name was Kokeneli. Lol isopods are little aliens haha 😄

This is gonna be supasweet man! Well done everyone, looking forward to it!

Great to see you here buddy!! Looking forward to this! Let the train schedule begin!! (don't kill me man LOL) [Bug]

Endless cuteness! I'm already a fan and can't wait for what you are coming up with next! 🦐

hey hey @atmosblack, thanks for throwing up some hands!! Looking forward to entertaining folks. Thanks for coming along!!

This is awesome! Surely a project that'll go beyond Steemit and the cryptocurrency world. The team is solid, so I have no doubt that Planktown will go far.

Thank you for this inspiration!

I was listening to you speak about this last night, and I think it is a BRILLIANT initiative... I was to late to UV but none the less I resteemed with the hope of added exposure!
Guys Good Luck On This Venture!

@breezin can't thank you enough for stopping by. I hope you enjoy each and every adventure along with us and we appreciate the resteem more than you know. [Bug]

I believe I will, and it is my pleasure - every time I see this post the sponge bob song plays in my head - somehow the words: WHOOOOOOOOOO lives in a server deep in discord? BUGSY & GLOBO!! managed to fill themselves in. and now it's stuck in my head 0.o

Hello @planktown!! this vote comes courtesy of @thedolphincocoon on behalf of @ma1neevent.

Forgive my lack of familiarity with this because this is the first I'm reading of this but is this going to be a cartoon of sorts? I'm slightly confused on what this is but I got the impression it's a cartoon with music and whatnot. The reason I'm asking is because I have a 2 year old daughter who loves stuff like this and if that is correct then how would I be able to view this so she can watch it? Sorry for the million questions.

Yes, it's a cartoon series with music. Eventually, we are developing an animated series...
Thanks for your comment. Pls do follow @planktown.

That's awesome, I'm excited to see this, I'm sure my daughter would enjoy it. Thanks!

We are planning to incorporate many real life Steemfolk in our upcoming episodes and will be expanding the scope of the productions to include great and unexpected things! Great to see you here!! [Bug]

I have no idea how I came to be in Planktown, but I am sure glad I am! Excited to see the creativity and hopefully evn be a part in some small way.

God bless ya for your enthusiasm Zeke!! Great to have you here! :D [Bug]

Haha I had to. I hate bots that attack good accounts/initiatives and love this initiative.

It looks amazing but I still don’t know what it is? Cartoon? Tv show? Book? Etc. Animation looks great though and I love the character development!

Thanks! For now it's an enhanced-illustration blog series, but who knows... there might be even more coming ;)

it's an enhanced-illustration blog series

Enhanced-illustration blog? I hope this means scratch-n-sniff. Mmmmm!

I was thinking about that myself...

this is adorable!

SOOOOO great to see you here Kubby! I hope you love the upcoming episodes and am looking forward to rolling out some light and fun stuff for the community!! :D [Bug]

Thanks for sharing, its a whole lots of creative work, a bigger appreciation to you guys.

Followed you.

I remember you telling me wayyy back about it. WOW.

Really appreciate you stopping by @swolesome! Welcome to PlankTown! :D Glad to have you! Thanks for the comment and vote!

This looks so cool!! Upvoted :)

this is awesome, am excited to see where this goes
Narwhalia, Narwhal land....where the magic happens (or not)

Thanks so much Battle for stopping by and taking a peek! Hope you are great!! :) [Bug]

Alright, alright, alright....can't wait for your audio/visuals. The artwork looks fantastic....and the characters very interesting indeed.

Oh it's gonna be fun. Yes it is!! LOL [@thebugiq]

Good to learn about planktown I suggest a discord channel for planktown, thanks for working on great job.

Yes the discord has been built for a few months now, we'll be rolling things out over the next while!! Glad to have you here!! :D [Bug]

This is an awesome creative project and I'm to find out about this today. Looking forward to new planktown adventure.

I love this! My brain is racing right now to come up with a good character for myself :D Some sparks are flying in there! Keep it up @thebugiq!

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Hahahah! Take that Craparencybot!

omg you're hysterical Zeke!! LOL Thank @whatsup for bringing you around haha

I love this. Is this for real or a humor? Is there really a show? LOL I need to know.

lol yessss it's hard to wait for Christmas I know haha. It's an illustrated blog series for now but we're hoping to keep taking it to the next level with eventual full animation. Going to be super fun!! [@TheBugIQ]

hey, i love it! Congrats!
The characters look very appealing and expressive! Making a one-eye is both clever and also challenging, especially for the main character, so big kudos to @Derosnec for producing such awesome imagery!
Looking forward to more

Thanks so much for the nice comments! I'm really glad you're enjoying the artwork! :3

This looks so cool!! I said it before but I absolutely love the design of Planktown and all the characters. @derosnec you've done a fantastic job and are very talented.

I'm really looking forward to see how this progresses @thebugiq. Can't wait for the first episode!

You've got a fan and supporter in me! :)

thanks so much for the nice comments :D We can't wait to share the first few stories with you all!

Thanks so much @phamished!! It's so great to finally get this off the ground!!!!!

Oh man this looks totally awesome! I would love to be a part of a project like this. If you ever need any voice actors please do contact me. I just happened to make a post on steemit today about it!

Wishing you all the best with this. Definitely resteem worthy.

Awesome .. thanks for your share

Hi there!!! great post!!!!
good luck
have a great day!!!

Under sea!
How it is possible?

buen trabajo éxito

SOUNDS A GREAT GROUP HAS LAUNCHED, I appreciate this project and if it allow we people join and support then i'm ready. thanks!

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Darn, I thought this was for minnow support.....

I thought Planktown meant plankton as in Steemians smaller then minnows.....

Too much creativity in a single post @planktown

Nice @ planktown i gave u an upvote ,. Sir im new on steemit,. This is my first day on steemit,. Sir i need your help, support, advice, guys plz support me. @ishueworld

so.. what is the planktown main attraction to lift the shine of the other Steemers?

wow great post thank you @planktown

Wow its so interesting
Im so excited
Thanks for that

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Ilike posting

Oh My God .
Amazing discover.
This Is the most most beautiful discover in the Technology.


Very motivating this post, to continue in this adventure, greetings

Intesting way to utilize the block . The characters look amazing !

Excellent contribution friend, greetings from venezuela ..

Awesome! This is great

Make the Plankton from Spongebob the main villain

I wanna live in the Planktown. I love it <3

You're more than welcome in PlankTown! Thanks for stopping by :)

I love your post !!

This looks amazing! The art is brilliant, I almost thought this was made by Disney. Great work!

Thanks a lot! It's such a fun project for us :)

brother awesome comment or post

Es un excelente trabajo, gracias por darlo a conocer, @planktow.

Muchos gracias. Espero que te encante!

They look cute. Looking forward to see stories and more characters.

They look cute. Looking forward to see stories and more characters.

They look cute. Looking forward to see stories and more characters.

So glad I stumbled on your post.
How wonderful.
Feels like we are all going to have a magical adventure.

Great work! Thanks for this post learned many new things. It really helped.

look good...where is the first episode?

Looks like a great project very cleaver... good luck!

Plankton!!! A good plankton though unlike in SpongeBob. :D Cute art!

I hope the planktown is capitalized as a great project, since it promises and a lot ... Do you aspire to have these characters alive in a movie like "Finding Nemo"?

Maybe one day!! I would love that!!

I followed lpoking forward to reading tje posts

awwww they are so cute! :3

I am excited, planktown. great idea

Can we get an example of what the humor is like? There aren't any links in the description except to other user profiles.

Sure you can just take a look at my previous Planktown posts :)

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I just found out, but let me tell ya.. This is amazing! love the illustrations and the whole concept 👌🏼💯 can't wait to see the first adventures in Planktown :D

Thanks so much Andrea, it's exciting times for us for sure. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have this much fun lol. Enjoy!!!!

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awesome!Thanks for you share!

Where can I download or view episodes?

Right here on PlankTown :) Stay tuned!!! New post this coming week!

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I could not care less. I hope this post gets into the $1,000s of SBD payouts to fuel a great project. In fact, I may just go purchase an upvote for this project post because my upvotes aren't worth enough!

You are such a good sport Globi!!! hahaha awesome!!! Even Sheriff Globi isn't above the law in PlankTown I see LOL

Open ended fun - life is a lot less stressful if we don't take ourselves too seriously! :D

Agreed! There is no need for this! Most bots already leave a reply plus you can see everything in the wallets and at the voting list!

What's uninvited and uneccessary is the egregious use of bid bots and the eventual ruin of steemit because of it, I am glad I know who is abusing this so I can flag, flag, flaggggggg

well, lets see ther super brain ... the value of a currency is the ability to use said currency. The bid bots allow people to use said currency purchasing what amounts to promotion (advertising). In what world do you get to dictate if a person buys advertising to promote their product?

Who wants to dictate anything? I'm just stating it ruins the ecosystem... now eat this flag and learn your place.

Learn her place? really and who the hell makes you the dictator of the platform? Spending the currency doesn't ruin the ecosystem at all but then, for you to understand that you'd need to be using some functioning brain cells.

lmao what is with this dictator word. I didn't even know this person was a 'she', now put down your lance white knight and go away