Welcome to 2020! Some Thoughts on Planning and Resolutions

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Happy New Year!

As artists and creatives, we are undoubtedly just as likely to "make big plans" after the turn of a calendar year, as anyone else.

Sometimes, though, I feel like stepping back to consider what exactly "resolutions" are really about.

Bare Tree Branch

Best Case Scenarios...

In my own experience, when I make "big plans" for the year ahead, the truth is that I am visualizing a "best case scenario" that often exists independently of all the "stuff of life" that tends to come along and disrupt even the BEST laid plans. Let's face it, our lives tend to be turbulent and disruptive; cars break down, family members get sick, water heaters explode...

My point here is that when we find ourselves unable to keep our resolutions, let us not get too down on ourselves as a result of forgetting that life happens and the thing we are looking at as a possible failure on our part might not be due to our own shortcomings, at all!

Of course, it's also a good idea to make reasonable plans.

Cherry Blossoms

For example, my plans for this Red Dragonfly blog in 2020 is simply to post at least weekly (52 posts or more this year), and to reach 1,000 or more Steem Power by year's end. Modest goals, but also very quantifiable... unlike a vague goal like "write more," which is pretty meaningless, because it totally lacks specificity.

I also have goals for my personal artwork, but they too are modest and rooted in knowing the reality of how our busy lives work. Perhaps my cautious approach is a reflection of my desire to feel that I succeeded, rather than fell short.

And we can all use that lift! In fact, studies have shown that simply crossing something off a daily to-do list can serve as a mood elevation tool... so make your goals smaller, so you can cross lots of things off your list!

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