Benefits of Belimbing wuluh

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Assalamualaikum Friends how are you all hopefully all right, and hopefully always in the protection of Allah SWT. At this time I will provide information about the benefits and efficacy of starfruit flower. ! [image] () This starfruit flower certainly has its own properties Namely: # 1. Treating Cough So the consumption of boiling water from this starfruit (Wuluh) can be believed to help to overcome the cough that interferes with us. This can be an alternative natural cure for cough, in addition to other natural remedies such as the benefits of bay leaves stew or its benefits are also common yet in the know. # 2. Relieves a sore throat Not only cough can be cured but the flower starfruit wuluh can also relieve pain in our throat is usually often felt by people who are coughing. ! [image] () And other than that sore throat can also be redingan with the benefits of wedang ronde or the benefits of banana roots # 3. Able to Unleash Sputum Especially In Infants And Toddlers ! [image] () As the cough baisanya in Sergai phlegm and to remove it in need extra effort that feels quite difficult for infants or toddlers. With our consumption of star fruit wuluh this isya Allah 'within a few days healed sputum. # 4. Overcoming Asthma And Shortness of Breath ! [image] () Respiratory disturbance in life is very affected and this time can also be overcome and isya Allah with the efficacy of this star fruit wuluh star can also heal. ! [image] () Thus the information I can convey may be useful. Salam @moeslimyusuf

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