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Tongue will be changes purple when eating this wild fruit plant. This plant we called "Bak Kumiki" (Melastoma Malabathricum), is a wild plant that is very easy to grow, so this plant can become a disturbing plant in the garden.


The flower of this plant is purple so it looks beautiful. If this plant is flowering, it will look very beautiful and many beetles and butterflies that perch on the flower.


The leaves of this plant thick and furry, when held rather sharp. So some people use the leaves of this plant to brush their teeth. Because strong short hairy, then this leaves can lift the remaining food inherent in the teeth.


The fruit of this wild plant is in the form of a reversed, purple-colored bell, when it is ripe the fruit will break apart like pomegranate and its flesh like sand grains.


As a kids, this fruit is always sought after. When playing hide and seek, I and my childhood play friends can change course stop playing, and instead look for ripe fruit broke. It tastes sweet and makes the tongue purple.

Every sight of this plant, including the flowers and fruit, I will remember the childhood and remember the sensation of adventure in childhood. When I try to eat this fruit, I immediately imagine the joy of playing time, but there is also a sense of loss, pleasure. Eat fruit in the elderly is not delicious to eat it while still a child.

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