Steem Verify - Get Verified On Steemit

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Do you want to identify yourself without giving up your identity on SteemIt.

Do you have a growing following or are you part of a community and want to give others an assurance of your validity?

@SteemVerify provides third-party verification so you can keep your personal details off the blockchain but still give your followers some assurance of your who you are.

Identity verification services are useful to social websites like these because they can give an assurance that users are who you say you are.

For business owners they can prevent unknowing clients from being fooled through the unscrupulous activities of persons who falsely assume your identity.

Website such as steemit gives it members the ability to remain anonymous while using its platform. But if you value anonymity but also want to develop trust with in your community and among your followers there is a way to balance anonymity and trust.

SteemVerify uses a confidential team of members who will verify your identity. We value your confidentiality and so all your details such as your real name, photos and website will remain private.

Interested in learning more read about it here


Thank you @platforms for the mention and helping us out!