My take on what Sony should look into.

in #playstation4 years ago

It is becoming more and more difficult for Playstation to compete in the gaming market with the likes of Steam and Microsoft. I will give you my take on what Sony can do to become “Playstation for the Gamers”.

First of all we know we get the generation consoles with games developed to work with the specific generation. My idea is to change that. And this is how.

Let say for an example I bought a game on PSN for the PS4. The game runs at 30fps @ 1080p right . Then the next-gen console comes out, all my games bought on PS4 PSN would automatically be in my next-gen console library for free. Instead now I might get 60 fps and better graphics.

Another example is reversed. Lets say I buy a game on the next-gen console. It will have 60fps at 1080p but I can then also download it for free on my PS4 and run it at 30fps. So the idea carries on like that even when the next-next generation console comes out.

Another feature I would say that might attract many people is Family sharing, much like what Apple has to offer with App and music purchases. Instead of us have to change the primary console to a secondary.

By doing this, they can have a long span on consoles, people will not change to a different manufacturer as their games carry over to next-gen and being able to share the fun with the family is a bonus.

Like I said, this is just my opinion. Feel free to add.


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