Plaza’s MerchantChain™: The Future of B-Commerce Unfolding; a Short #Plaza’s MerchantChain™ Review

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The blockchain and crypto hype appears to be taking a surprising turn; digital asset users are now looking for platforms that make their lives better in one way or the other. The e-commerce sector has always provided solutions to the online shopping goer and has the market giants have always taken advantage of their monopoly by fleecing the customer.

With the entry of Plaza’s MerchantChain™, the consumer experience is about to change for good from the traditional e-commerce to b-commerce. Today’s shopper is more demanding than that of two years ago and are looking for fast systems that are fast, no downtimes and are able to build custom dApps on top and the Plaza MerchantChain fits the bill.

The Plaza ecosystem creates a unique link that ecommerce giants have failed to capitalize. This is the new meeting point between the latest technology and consumer lifestyles through a simple merchant integration to come up with an infrastructure that fast and ideal for al b-commerce transactions.

Plaza’s MerchantChain™ Benefits to the Consumer

With the current e-commerce sites, there is a lot of bureaucracy and the service providers are focused on their profit and not the consumer experience. The entry of the new outfit will the cost of shopping online will reduce drastically and the monopoly of the big “data syndrome” will be demolished to usher in a decentralized system in the market.

The conventional systems have for too long relied on third parties that make the processes slow and expensive for the ordinary user. Delays and charge backs have been a huge setback in the industry and the entry of the b-commerce system will see better solutions riding on a platform that is safe, secure, fast and transparent where participants will be able to transact freely using crypto.

The Plaza systems are scalable and this is a huge plus given that older market movers have been battling with it for a while now. The system is also sustainable which stands from the traditional same niche systems. With an anticipated TPS over 15,000 and a 3 second average confirmation time, it is a system to look forward to.

Notable Plaza MerchantChain Features

To attain the best consumer retention levels in the market, transaction speed are major drivers and Plaza system promised to surpass the current market offering to discern the modern e-commerce goer. The introduction of b-commerce and its future adoption will rely on the value proposition that is based on time spent shopping.  A 3 second confirmation wait is good enough for any busy shopper.

The sustainability of the ecosystem has been taken care of and this is what the investor should be looking at. The systems are powered by IoT apps that are less power intensive and based on the proof of reputation protocol. This means the maintenance of the ledger is highly sustainable a future focused.

Plaza Systems promises the right scalability that no other blockchain based system has on offer; infinite scalability. The total number of nodes in the network is related to the active users. The more participants on the ecosystem, the more capabilities it will yield. This means that there is not time the system will be slowed down by network congestion and transaction speeds and fees will not be slowed by mass adoption. 

The team behind the system, according to the Plaza’s Systems whitepaper seems to have taken most of their time working on securing the system. This is geared toward instilling user confidence and trust and also will ensure that transactions are not manipulated since each participant is expected to have an AURA SSL cover.

Plaza's MerchantChain™ Key Drivers

All the transactions on the MerchantChain ecosystem will be conducted using the systems native coin, MTC. As a user, you have the freedom to mint your own MTC tokens. The beauty of it all is the price is not swayed by the market hype but based on real world demand driven value.

These are designed to be spent and not for safe keeping. This keeps away whales that are fond of holding the coins for prospecting purpose that creating artificial demand that does not benefit the entire community when prices are favorable in the market. 

With the Plaza’s Systems sellers do not have to use third party applications since they can create their own dApps and grow the b-commerce community which is the future of online trading. With the anticipated PlazaWallet and a PlazaCard which you can use will local ATMs and other affiliate outlets like hotels and the local shopping mall, joining the ecosystem is the only logical lifestyle change you can gift yourself and those you care about.

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