Successful Send of 9301
Sending Account: biophil
Receiving Account: heroic15397
New sending account balance: 825664
New receiving account balance: 687202
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 442fbef6541d69607cc2b888fe73ecf3d564783e
Thanks for using POCKET! I am small bot and right now I am running this code.

Let's kick this thing off!

Looking at it now, it appears you upvoted me before I sent you the stuff. So I've got to say 10/10 I'm impressed with your promptness! ;) Screenshot 2017-10-30 23.26.04.png

Hahaha! I forgot to mention this is some kind of telepathic service! But it only works with good posts! ;-)

I just read and upvoted your post at 100% while you were answering here, at the same time you were getting a full upvote for free! lol

Now it means you only got 700 POCKET worth of free upvote. This could be some kind of promotion: buy the full upvote get a POCKET reduction.

Thanks for kicking this thing off!