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RE: Exchanging POCKET Between Steem and Bitshares - Read to send POCKET to bitshares!

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I'm torn about which market to use. OpenLedger's STEEM and SBD service has historically not been that good; I have a large-ish SBD withdrawal stuck in limbo with them right now.

But since POCKET is Steem-native, it seems a shame not to trade it with STEEM and SBD. Thoughts, anyone? In any case, I've placed a sell order in the SBD Market that I think is rather high, but I might as well be the first to do it.


Yes, a legitimate dilemma...
I am very interested to see what happens with pockets!
Thanks for innovating exploration~*~

I have made order on all markets except BTC, buy mah pocket please

fuuuck are you kidding? you can get SBD stuck in (bitshares) ?? I hate hearing that! And its decentralized so who do you even go to in order to resolve an issue like that???

It's complicated. Bitshares is decentralized, but OpenLedger is a centralized company that uses the Bitshares blockchain to run their exchange. So OpenLedger is not really a decentralized exchange -- OPEN.SBD is not SBD. It's an IOU issued by OpenLedger.

The silver lining is that OpenLedger has tech support and can help you resolve stuck withdrawal issues.