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RE: It's Already Happening Right Here On Steemit! The Future Is Here! POCKET TOKENS!

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Still very novice about cryptocurrency and the block-chain world, but a while ago, I believe it may have been you, or someone else here on steemit, was offering up Pocket tokens and I was awarded them. I have no clue how to access them, where they are... oh brother! Yeah, can you tell I am VERY new.


So you have a total of 119 Pocket Tokens in your own part of this blockchain.

Ok.... thank you for that. So how do I open/see/access an account for myself?

For now there is no wallet. They are in your part of the Steemit blockchain.

When you wish to check your account just send yourself 1 Pocket Token (which gets consumed by the confirmation bot).

I am sure that later on after the introduction of SMTs and so on, that things shall become a lot more in line with what most people are used to... no telling what all is going to happen.

Great! again, thank you for the information!
I learned another new cryptocurrency avenue of knowledge tip

pocketsend:[email protected], LETS SEE WHAT THE POCKET BOT SAYS!

Successful Send of 21
Sending Account: jackmiller
Receiving Account: goldendawne
New sending account balance: 969309
New receiving account balance: 119
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 472d2794ded3b6e75a64e2713213f80bea70e92b
Thanks for using POCKET! MasterPocket is running this confirmer code.