Thanks a lot!! this is for sure one of my favorite contests :)))

Thanks for the comment it is greatly appreciated!! :-)

I've noticed you are good at it, and not only at this specific contest ​but at other Steemit sports contests as well!

It's great that the tiebreaker changes each contest ;)

I like to put a bit of effort in every contest and if I win it doesn't feel like a lottery but like I worked for it somehow... weird hahahaha... on the dark side, I need to spread them over the week, otherwise I'd spend a whole morning just doing contest :DDD

Glad you like the fact that it changes. I want to keep it as simple as possible so that it can reach a wider audience but for some reasons, it seems like ties are really hard to avoid (especially it the case of determining 5 places). I am having fun with the 5 players, I think its the best solution yet (and I don't want to copy @nanzo-scoop's time of earliest goal scored), plus it makes participants more aware of the league. You'll be happy to learn that It'll probably have to change again in the upcoming weeks when they will be only a couple of playoffs match-ups.

I totally get what you mean, just like you I prefer putting in efforts before I win something.

variety is the spice of life :P

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