It's Already Happening Right Here On Steemit! The Future Is Here! POCKET TOKENS!

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With all the talk about the new (subtokens) Smart Media Tokens (SMT) being released some time next year, I can't help it but notice that a lot of Steemians are not noticing that we already have a subToken on the Steemit blockchain.

YES that is right, we already have a subtoken here on our blockchain, POCKET TOKENS.

So with all the talk about the "new" SMTs I figured that I shall share a few facts, thoughts and logical conclusions about OUR FIRST STEEMIT SUBTOKEN!

Pocket Tokens

If I'm not mistaken there are 1.2 billion out there.

Most owners are from what I can see just sitting on them and waiting for their value to grow!

There are a number of uses for them already here on Steemit, mostly gaming, sports betting and so on.

Some of us Pocket Token owners are giving them away to Steemians, so to say! Well are we?

When I look at the principle of the new SMTs that shall be available to any of us to issue, and the fact that one shall have to provide proof of work to be able to earn them, I see that this is exactly what I am doing with my Pocket Tokens that I own.

For example my 101 Comment FunRun!

Make a relevant comment and you get Pocket Tokens.

Hmmmm sounds EXACTLY like the idea behind the new SMTs, BECAUSE IT IS!

Now when looking at the fact that Pocket Tokens are only available in these types of "Give aways" or direct purchases from owners, whether that be via ads people post, like for example on @classifieds:


or via Bitshares, where you have to open an account and can trade them, same as how you would trade on any other trading platform/site.

I have to state how it is obvious that WE STEEMIANS ALREADY HAVE A "SMT"!
Might not officially be a SMT as the SMTs haven't yet been released, but when we look at all the above facts it is quite clearly a logical conclusion that many of us Pocket Token owners shall be up for the idea that a Fork happen whereby our Pocket Tokens become SMT- Pocket Tokens.

Which shall just make this market which is already in place and being used here on OUR-Steemits blockchain the first SMT in use with up and running uses and markets. No need to go through all the teething issues and processes.


Everything I have stated here is fact and those things that I have predicted are based on common sense and logic.


The current going prices for Pocket Tokens are literally as close to nothing as nothing gets.

Basically a few SBD for 100,000!!!!!



As I go through all the various posts, reading about how it is a smart move to get in early. As I watch all the videos out there pretty much all saying the same thing, I can't help myself but smile as anyone who can see that Pocket Tokens are not only THE FIRST SUBTOKENS on Steemits Blockchain, but also without any doubt THE FIRST of the future SMT's which shall have a market and uses for them already in place, can see the need to invest a few SBD to attain a few hundred thousand Pocket Tokens and just leave them sitting there and wait for the Fork to happen!!!!

The entire time until the Fork happens, Pocket Token owners who are actively using their Pocket Tokens are building up an awareness and a market place for them. Knowing fully well everything that I have stated above is going to happen and that they have a bunch of money to be made as it all takes place!

Hmmmm.... we're practically already in November and the SMTs are going to be happening next year..... wait a minute, that is just around the corner!

The price of Pocket Tokens is currently at about 0.00005 SBD (100,000 for 5 SBD), even less if you buy "bulk"!

So while we are all watching the BTC price skyrocket, and we are all waiting for traders to start selling off their BTC at these astronomical prices to buy STEEM which is at a low right now, everyone here on Steemit has an opportunity to take advantage of Pocket Tokens for 0.00005 SBD/Pocket Token....

So then I go and listen to or read about stories of people who didn't invest into Bitcoin when it was like the price of a Coke or a hamburger or what ever... yet here is an opportunity right under their noses for the price of..... lets see now.... a grain of sand on a beach front!

I'm not saying "buy them from me", you can buy them from anyone out there who is selling a portion of their Pocket Tokens.

So you may ask yourselves, Why are you selling some of yours if they are going to jump in price?

Well, the answer to that is simple.

The more people/Steemians with Pocket Tokens =
the more people trading them in future,
more people involved in the future inevitable Fork (or transfer) to SMTs,
more people involved in the activities using Pocket Tokens here on Steemit til then,
A larger market for Pocket Tokens

So by me and others selling off a part of our Pocket Tokens, we are in fact making it happen for ALL OF US!


There, you have it, while others are all talking the talk about the future SMTs, we are walking the walk!

Right here on the Steemit blockchain!

A bit of food for thought!

and an idea where to spend some of your lunch moneys worth of SBD that you get into your online wallet from your post rewards the next time you click on the big blue button!

redeem rewards button.png

or you can just sit back and "hope for the best"..... your choice!


I love everything you've done to promote pocket tokens. I used to earn dash by people tipping me on Reddit and now that dash is worth a couple of hundred. Maybe one day ill be able to say the same thing about pocket tokens

I missed the genesis of pocket (not by long though), just as I missed BTC and Steem, but I eventually got in in these three.

You're right about pocket being the first SMT ahead of the stampede that's sure to follow, so it feels good to have some! Thinking of doing some kind of contest to spread the word and the pocket when I find some time!

Still very novice about cryptocurrency and the block-chain world, but a while ago, I believe it may have been you, or someone else here on steemit, was offering up Pocket tokens and I was awarded them. I have no clue how to access them, where they are... oh brother! Yeah, can you tell I am VERY new.

So you have a total of 119 Pocket Tokens in your own part of this blockchain.

Ok.... thank you for that. So how do I open/see/access an account for myself?

For now there is no wallet. They are in your part of the Steemit blockchain.

When you wish to check your account just send yourself 1 Pocket Token (which gets consumed by the confirmation bot).

I am sure that later on after the introduction of SMTs and so on, that things shall become a lot more in line with what most people are used to... no telling what all is going to happen.

Great! again, thank you for the information!
I learned another new cryptocurrency avenue of knowledge tip

pocketsend:[email protected], LETS SEE WHAT THE POCKET BOT SAYS!

Successful Send of 21
Sending Account: jackmiller
Receiving Account: goldendawne
New sending account balance: 969309
New receiving account balance: 119
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 472d2794ded3b6e75a64e2713213f80bea70e92b
Thanks for using POCKET! MasterPocket is running this confirmer code.

@jackmiller I feel like I am the only one who doesn't get the concept of SMT's. I did watch a video from Ned and with what I could put my head around SMT's are going to encourage wide adoption as a way to monetize content.

To cut a long story short, basically they shall be what the ERC20 category of tokens are on Etherum but here on Steemit it shall be called SMT.

That is a very short and basic comparison to make it simple to understand.

Subtokens is another word for it = various tokens that exist on the existing Steemit blockchain.

I'll take a couple of SBD worth. can I purchase in my bitshares wallet?
Guess my next stop is there.
Life is Good

Yeah sure, if you have a Bitshares account you can purchase them there, or you can purchase them from Steemians directly, just make an agreement with someone, transfer your SBD to them and they'll do a Pocketsend in the comments below.

After which you can choose what to do with them, leave them on your part of the blockchain or transfer them to Bitshares.

Although on Bitshares you do have some costs in transfers etc.

How many would you like?

@jackmiller thanks for the info but i have a question but how can i know the amount of my pocket token? Throw more lights. Thanks

If you leave them on your part of the blockchain here, for now you can check by using the confirmation bots.
basically you send yourself 1 pocket token (via a pocketsend in a comment) and teh bot consumes the 1 token for its service when it replies to you.

I'll do one below just as an example.

The other way is to open up a Bitshares account, what the exact costs involved are, IDK, then you can go to your Bitshares wallet and see them there.

pocketsend:[email protected], LETS SEE WHAT THE POCKET BOT SAYS!

Successful Send of 1
Sending Account: jackmiller
Receiving Account: gimh
New sending account balance: 968807
New receiving account balance: 500
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 9facf33a8e913893931dfe2b0964beb8cb5d7704
Thanks for using POCKET! MasterPocket is running this confirmer code.

Thanks for the heads up, this is wonderful and nice. Is there any ways that this pocket token can be acquired? Thanks

You can buy them directly from fellow Steemians who own them, so far on @classifieds we have been posting "for sale ads".

or if you have a Bitshares account you can buy them there. (as you would on any other trading platform out there.)

Thanks for the info, i will look into this strictly and get some. Kudos

I do have have pocket tokens too, same as I had redfishcoin in steemit redfish community!

What I love this pocket and a great day ahead for pocket holders when the creator himself post about a pocket to be buy back via sbd he earn in his post!
I think thats a great way to skyrocket the pocket value!
When somebody us backing up its value, then there is a bright future in it!

I do have have pocket tokens too, same as I had redfishcoin in steemit redfish community!

What I love this pocket and a great day ahead for pocket holders when the creator himself post about a pocket to be buy back via sbd he earn in his post!
I think thats a great way to skyrocket the pocket value!
When somebody us backing up its value, then there is a bright future in it!

I agree with you 100%! Resteemed to my 3700 followers. :-)

i would like to purchase some pocket tokens

or you can go to:



Every week there is a bulletin board type of post put up where people can put up their selling/buying adds for Pocket Tokens.

So far some 2 million Pocket Tokens have exchanged hands via these posts.

That might be your best bet.

@buggedout is also selling his Pocket Tokens in lots of 100,000 and he is open to negotiations as he has sold many to date and is a proven reliable seller.

Likewise you can go do the Bitshares thing, but I can't say too much about that as I am not on there. Better to check that out by clicking on the # pocket in the tags under this post, that way you will see all the posts with # pocket in the tags.

I have them up for sale at 5SBD per 100,000 Pocket Tokens.

If you are interested, just transfer the SBD, to my account with a note "FOR: the number of Poket Tokens"

& I shall in this comment thread here do the Pocket Send (Transfer) of Pocket Tokens.

Simple as that.